Disarm or snooze system "for 2 hours"

I see a lot of suggestions for schedules, and while I think being able to arm and disarm our security systems on a schedule would be great, I have a slightly different idea.

How about an easy button we can tap that will disarm the security system for 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours. You tap the button once it disarms the system. And after the selected one or two hour time frame it will automatically rearm your security cameras for you.

They have a very similar snooze notifications kind of button in slack, and it would be amazingly helpful for Blink security.

Here’s a prime example. This weekend I changed the oil in my truck. I didn’t want my cameras going off 50 times while I worked in the driveway so I turned the system off. However I forgot to rearm my system, and didn’t remember until Monday morning. Ughhh.

Being able to quickly tap a button that disables the system for a short period of time would be very useful in several scenarios. Friends coming over, yardwork, etc.


It’s a great idea that many before you have also asked for the snooze feature. Yet the results remain the same. Amazon didn’t get to be #1 in e-commerce by giving things away. Want more? Buy better!