Disappointed. Zones/Grid Option & Scheduling

Recently bought 2 Blink XT for outdoor use. I have one facing the front door which works well and the other one facing the driveway.

I’m a bit disappointed at the one that is facing the driveway since it is so sensitive and it triggers the motion for cars passing by on the street. Putting it to the lowest sensitivity setting also didn’t work. I have resorted to angling the camera lower so the street isn’t captured but the field of view is really small now and almost renders the camera useless. I’ve also have had issues with plants and tree branches triggering the system when the wind picks up.

It would be nice if there could be a grid/zone option in the system so we can mark what areas would be active for monitoring, that way we can exclude areas, in my case the street. I believe Dropcam and some other outdoor cameras have this feature.

Another feature that would be nice to see is being able to have schedules for each camera rather than 1. I know we can turn off motion for each but that is not efficient going into the app all the time, especially if we know a set schedule that we would not want certain cameras to trigger.

I’m definitely going keep 1 camera but I’m not convinced on the other one since it is just too sensitive for what I want covered.

Thank you for your commitment to the Blink system! I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this with one of your XT Cameras. If you can directly send us a motion clip from the troublesome camera, we would be happy to help figure out the specific reason why this camera is acting up. You can contact us here.

We have a feature that allows you to schedule arm your system to only be armed and record motion clips at certain times, and you can find further instructions on how to do so here.

Blink is actually working on a firmware update to fix the over sensitivity issue. It is a known issue with these cameras.

As for scheduling individual cameras, it has been suggested before, however, I do not know whether it is on the roadmap. Maybe @nick_at_blink can chime in.

Hey @flyswoosh and @Evan,

We have had many threads regarding a more detailed scheduling system, definitely check them out if you haven’t already!

I haven’t yet received a timeline from the mobile app team on moving forward with this, but it is recognized as one of the most requested app features from our customers! I know our mobile app team has some other projects they are currently working on, one of them being the new mobile app beta program for forum users. @Anand_at_Blink and @Julianp_at_Blink are on our mobile app team and may be able to comment further.

Believe it or not… we also have a thread on a grid/zone option for our cameras. Check that out here!

In regards to camera sensitivity, we are working for firmware fixes on that, and please note, that the cameras are heat sensitive as well, and the heat from passing cars could be triggering a recording.

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I might have a little input on this one. This is a feature on the road map for us and has been talked about for sometime. We see a lot of customers who would love this feature and it seems like something that could be very valuable. As for an ETA, that has yet to be discussed, but we are definitely looking into this as well as other features that are similar.

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Thanks Tori - I would just echo my comments to this - particularly zones in the camera view. I mentioned this a couple other spots in the forum - but it truly is my #1 blocker for buying more blink cameras and even a whole additional system for a couple other properties, telling my friends about it and recommending it, etc. Not having detection zones has essentially made one of my 3 cameras useless. I’ve goofed around like a crazy person with the sensitivity and angle and pretty much everything I can see and can’t get it right - a detailed grid system for detection zones would clear it right up and I’d start ordering more right away.

Re-reading your comments about no ETA, etc - how would be we aware of these updates? Newsletter? In-App notification?

@fluxcapacitor Thanks for the input there! I can link our updates page below for you so you can keep up to date on all of our new and exciting additions! http://support.blinkforhome.com/customer/en/portal/topics/881964-updates/articles

Try putting electrical tape over the top half of the IR dome.