Disable blue and red led

Is there a way to disable the blue and red led on the xt model? If a burglar sees that he’s just going to go ohhh that’s £70 worth. I’ll have that

There’s a switch to turn off the blue recording led

The red LED is the IR illuminator, so if you set that to off in the app, then the red light wont turn on either. That would only work out if your camera is in an area that has enough light to record without relying on the IR illuminator, of course.

Also, this is not meant to be an insult to the OP at all, but you’ve been asking several questions about basic camera functions/features for which you could probably quickly look up the answer yourself by checking out the support section of the website.


We are happy to answer questions here in the community forum, but it’s really more efficient for everyone if new users consult the how-to articles that blink has already created.

At the risk of sounding low tech, how about putting a tiny bit of caulking (museum putty or quake-hold works) over the hole with the LED. Then if you decided later to undo it, you could just clean the hole again, and volla blue light.

Honestly, I don’t know how the Blink folks seem to think having the light come on only when its recording (and off when its not) is a security feature. I guess it is a pro-burglar security feature. And yes, the recording light might discourage some burglars. Haven’t you ever seen a TV show where the first thing the criminals do is look for a security camera to spray paint with black paint? Well Blink SOLVES that problem! Then the video then shows someone in a ski-mask spraying paint over the camera… classic. But wait, with Blink’s portability, they just steal the camera. or turn it around.

There are some really potentially cool things you can do with the Camera. - like have it record the timestamps on the videos, or be voice activated instead of just motion activated!? or even interactive so you could talk to the ‘burglar’? Who knows maybe it will be able to be controlled through a Billy Bass voice interface someday!. Instead of a blue light, a signal can be sent to another device that actually does something like set off a really loud siren, or lock the doors of the house! But in the meantime it it what it is - a not very stealthy motion activated camera.

They simply did not anticipate the use-cases for these things in the design process. More is the pity. Maybe they will eventually hire someone to read all these use suggestions and build a better mouse trap!

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Again, back to basics. The blue light on an XT cam can be disabled with a switch inside the battery compartment.


Yeah, I’m not sure what we’re talking about at this point, LOL. The blue light can be physically disabled with a switch. The red light can be turned off in the app as long as you don’t need the IR light to illuminate the area in front of the camera in low-light situations. What else is there to discuss?


But…but…what if I want to make the blue light purple? Could I take a red sharpie and color over it?!?

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I am thinking about returning this camera because of the stupid red light. I tried covering the red light with a piece of electrical tape, that worked great couldnt see the red light but then the camera couldnt pick up anything in the dark. The camera should have been designed so the owner could go completely in stealth mode.

I left my blue and red lights on. Why? Because the pros know that your goal with cameras is to catch the bad guy doing nothing. You want the bad guy to know they are on camera, the camera is real, and the camera is recording them. Bad guys move on and pick an easier target.

Stealth mode = bad guy does the dirty deed, your stuff gets messed up, you have camera footage of a bad guy wearing a hoodie, mask, and cap. You have no idea who it is and can’t prove who it is. Yet your stuff is messed up.

Guess which situation you want to be in.

Hey Joel you make some valid points.I am going to keep my blue light off and the reason why I wasnt liking the lights on is because 1 of my cameras is located just above my front door, but unfortunately I cant get any height because of the overhang, So if a thief goes to my front door and notices the light or lights he could basicaly cherry pick my camera and just walk away with it to be a jerk. However since I wrote this comment I have decided to move my camera so it still will monitor the front door but the thief wont be able to reach it. I can live with the red light.

I had same exact feelings 3+ years ago when I installed mine. Nobody stole them yet. If they do, they are worthless as they can’t be reactivated on a new account. Already registered error would come up during new installation.

Can’t make it pro thief proof unless you spend way more money. We bought blink on price and operating costs. Never forget that.