Difference between Blink Sync Module 2 and 1?

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Just a quick question i have my cameras set up on the sync module 1. Other than the ability to save files locally is there any advantage performance wise of the sync module 2 over the sync module 1?


Quick answer: no. LOL Both models perform the same.

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What performance specifics were you thinking?

When you detail that out, you’ll quickly realize if you know what and how a sync module 1 vs. 2 really works. Check in here for more info.

how ronsec thanks for the response! everyone keeps linking me to spec pages and im a novice so i dont understand half of it. Glad someone can give me a straight answer rather than more links to stuff quite a few people dont understand! wish the help forum was a bit more helpful like you were!

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This forum a couple of years ago was way more helpful. Answers were given out on a silver platter. It became way too obvious that the people asking the questions either couldn’t do their own research or wouldn’t do their own research. Even though links were given to the exact answers they needed.

Woudn’t = lazy - they want to be spoon fed

Couldn’t = novice - it’s over their head at the beginning.

Give up = Turns out many of the novice people end up realizing a self install, self program, self tweak system is still over their head. They give up and turn into the wouldn’t status.

Success = Novice takes advice here in the community forum, research from the Blink support website, and email/phone calls from Blink support staff. Successful people put in the time and effort, trial and error time and effort. They fail, fail, fail, then get close to results they want, then finally success.

David, if you’re not getting the direct answers you want here, remember you can always try the new Blink forum over at Amazon. What’s the link to that forum? Here’s where a novice get’s their stripes via doing a little search research. I wish you success!