Detecting the start of motion

Is there a certain amount of motion that has to happen before it even starts recording? My daughter was filmed leaving the house but it never filmed her coming to the house as if the beginning of the motion was not captured.

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Same problem for years. Camera faces street & usually works but there are times when only the bumper of a truck or car is seen leaving right side of frame. Adjusting sensitivity or clip duration does nothing. Blinks attitude is we must live with it. Essentially we got what we paid for. Happens less frequently going the other direction.

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Yeah so somebody can run right up to the door and you won’t ever catch it. But you’ll catch the back of their head leaving.


I have a similar problem. At my mother-in-law’s house, I have a mini in the garage and the latest outdoor version pointing at her driveway. I will sometimes get her leaving or coming home. It is either only the mini or outdoor one which captures movement (i.e. garage door or car in driveway. Never both cameras.

Anyone have an idea?

Aren’t you using 2 cameras with different types of motion detect?

You didn’t say anything about whether the departure and arrival times are always the same and if the motion detection sensitivity are the same. Or have been adjusted/increased. Or if any recording is made.

Arrival and departure times are hours apart.
Two different cameras. If one uses pixel differences and another uses actual motion detection, I would expect each to pick up motion using whatever motion detection is built in.
Recording and sensitivity are set the same. Recordings sometimes happens, sometimes they don’t.

Let’s start with the Mini. During the day it uses pixel differential detection. And depending on the setting IR at night. With Auto IR it switches between PIR and IR at night. And IR to PIR in the morning.

You might find a thread about the Mini not always switching back to PIR in the morning and thus not recording. Sometimes it wakes up later in the morning. But often not. You can see the IR lights on during the day.

I got tired of mine doing that and set a schedule to disarm followed by a re-arm of the camera at 6AM.

There’s a thread on here named “Camera not recording soon enough” where this subject was covered and I wrote about this in there: Camera not recording soon enough
These cameras struggle a lot detecting motion coming straight towards the camera versus something entering frame from the sides and moving right to left or left to right across the field of view.

I have a Mini pointed at the front door. It’s off center by about 30 degrees. So unless the motion is coming directly through the wall toward the Mini, I don’t have that problem.

But the bright sun coming through a kitchen window and straight at the front door will trigger PIR.