Blink has never had such a policy of never deleting videos, to my knowledge. The option in the app is to auto delete clips older than 3, 7, 14, 30 or 60 days. It is also clearly stated in the documentation that once your storage capacity is reached Blink will delete the oldest clips first to make room for the latest ones. Maybe I’m missing something?

They can change their method of operation whenever they want. It’s in the terms and conditions, so you won’t win any court cases, but for the sake of discussion, the options previously included ‘up to one year’, which I chose. Just like that, and out of the blue, I received an email explaining that the maximum option is now 30 days. Those recorded whilst you had it set to a year, will still last a year, but your system will default to 30 days, the now new maximum. Please read the email below which I got just a few days ago.


We want to ensure that you always have fast, reliable access to the video clips generated by your Blink cameras. Starting tomorrow, we will be moving customers to a new 30-day auto-delete setting in the Clip Roll and removing the old 1 year setting. That means, moving forward, your new clips will be stored for up to a maximum of 30 days.

We’ve seen the use of the 1 year setting steadily decrease. Discontinuing support of this setting will ensure we can continue providing a positive experience for our customers while delivering new and innovative features in the future!

What happens to your old clips?

Any existing clips that were older than 30 days (as of 11/5/2020) will be saved in the cloud until they expire after 1 year or are deleted to make room for new clips when your system reaches it’s available storage capacity. All other clips will be automatically deleted 30 days after recording. Your existing storage capacity will remain the same after this change.

Learn more about storage options, including capacity and when clips are deleted, at


The Blink Team

By the way, what I actually take this to mean, is the following:

‘We can’t keep up with the demand, and are storing far too many videos. We have no intention of spending more money on higher capacity servers, with a faster connection speed, so we’re going to force you to back anything up yourself, if you actually want/need them long term.’

but of course, they’re never going to word it exactly like that, though, in my opinion, it may as well say that.

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Which is why I beleive they created the somewhat “local storage”… so you can move off what you want, because they knew they were going to make this move next.

I understand Blink wanting to reduce cost. I wish Blink would have started offering storage plans similar to Apple. What angers me is that I was not given sufficient notification to allow me to download my videos. Some of videos are very precious to me. Blink is going to on the losing side of some court battles because Blink was negligent in the way Blink informed users. I have 14 cameras. Blink has made a lot of money from purchases.

I have had Blink cameras for three to five years and I have never had a video deleted. Even the videos that are three to five years old.

I believe you but I just can’t understand why not.

You are stating a few wrong facts.
Max storage time in cloud has been 1 year. No such thing as multiple years of cloud storage

The 90 day is actually 60 day. Look at your app and you’ll see the new menu choices.

The email notice about the upcoming change was plenty of time for blink users to backup their old video clips. That email also mentioned they have a low amount of users that had videos in the cloud that were approaching the 1 year old status.

Then we have the subject of videos I the cloud that are multiple years old. If you never backed those up, your just begging for loss of data.

Next subject, read the terms of service. You agreed to arbitration. As such, no lawsuits much less class action lawsuits.

IMO nobody should trust the Cloud as the only place to store important videos or pics. Download important ones to your phone or PC, then put them on an external storage drive. About once a month I backup all my important family images/videos, hobby pics (coins), documents to two flash drives. I keep one at home in the safe and the other at the bank box. This may be overdoing it but I’ve seen numerous instances as this post when people lost stuff, when their phone/PC died, people on the news loosing everything to a flood/fire, etc. I have spent hours scanning old family photos and converting family VHS videos to MP4 to pass on. I’d be foolish to keep it on just one hard drive. When my daughter and grand-kids have birthdays, I put a few pics/videos of when they were younger on my laptop so they can see them. They enjoy it.

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Joe, you clearly do not know what you are talking about so just keep your mouth shut. I had videos stored for three to five years. Last year I had some videos restored that I accidentally deleted that were three to five years old.

What to got some magical setting on your version of the mobile app that allows saving longer than 1 year. BS!

Time for you to put up or shut up.
Post a screen shot of it or prepare to get called out by others than just me.

Are you sure it’s the Blink Cloud or maybe it is your phone provider Cloud that had those old videos? If it was Blink Cloud then your camera did not record often, maybe you had it turned off much of the time. I found an article written Oct. 2016 about the first generation Blink camera. It had 7,200 seconds (2 hrs.) free Cloud storage. More than that and older clips are erased to make room for new ones. That’s what Blink has had since their first camera was released early 2016. I could be wrong but I think 2020 is the first year Blink offered more than 2 hours storage, now with 60 days Cloud storage for subscription fee.

If those recording were that important, why didn’t you download them.

I can see why people don’t delete them. A special scene maybe with a departed relative, a moment with a child… But download them so you don’t need to worry about Blink deleting them.

If you had Blink videos that were five years old here is a pop quiz for you…Tell us all about how you acquired a Blink system 5 years ago…

Do not mistake Blink manually recovering an accidentally deleted video that is 3-5 years old as you have 3-5 years of video storage. What is available to you via the mobile app vs. what is available to Blink support techs is two different things. The mobile app has always had auto rolling delete 1 year as the longest setting.

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Above is an email I received from Thomas Moody. I flagged his previous post for obvious reasons. Filthy mouths get soaped out as the saying goes.

You again failed to answer my questions…

Tell us how you bought a Blink system 5 years ago.

Tell us where your permanent storage is.

Show us a screen shot of your mobile app that was special. All USA versions of the mobile app since day 1 had the autodelete function with 1 year being the longest.

The 2 hours of video clips per sync module is normal. Nothing special there.

Finally, what country are you in? What I speak of is for USA. The majority of us here do not know what Blink/Amazon is doing in other countries.

In EU the max storage time moved from 1 year to 30 days.
In USA the max storage time moved from 1 year to 60 days.

Once again, different rules for different countries.

Amazon trimming costs and creating profit by getting people to do monthly subscription plans. Follow the Ring path to cash cow.

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Yes, thanks, I pretty much guessed that, since Ron said he had 60 days still. If you have 60 days still, then it’s certain. I couldn’t be bothered going searching it out.

I did however search out when Blink shipped their first cameras, and that was Jan 2016. Not that far off 5 years, and who knows what deal the original kick-starter guys got, which maybe Thomas was? Maybe even simply early adopters had no rolling delete. Just like, I can get new outdoor cameras, and be grandfathered into no subscription. My behaviour would then not be typical of many.

Each country can have different rules. Each purchase time can have different rules. Thomas can have his own rules, if those were the terms when he signed up.

Henceforth from this day forward, shall be called… “the thomas rules”