Delayed Notifications on Motion Clips

Great idea… thanks. We did the “Route This” app and Blink Tech said “no issues detected”. I’ll give your suggestion a try tonight. Thanks… John.

A feature upgrade where notifications are sent upon motion detection would be great. Ideally, this would happen (or be an option available to be selected):

  1. Blink detects motion
  2. Blink sends notification and begins recording concurrently
  3. Blink allows instant live view while recording with no conflicts

Thank you.

Same problem and have done the same thing as you have done . But still no more notification s appear. I am now forced to click on the blink app to check and see any notificains or any new clips.

what phone do you have?

I am not on a cell phone at all.I use a fire HD 10 Tablet. notices used to come in and notfy me when the camera detected motion. But now I get nothing at all.

what version of andriod is it running?

Android version is unknown ( Not foind in the help / system info area ) But , as soon as I started writing this , nofications started flying in like crazy. But now stopped again. ( Also the notifications that came in were all old ones…It says —≥ Delayed notifications. ( Fire HD 10 ,7TH GENERATION ) Amazon’s latest Tablet.

interesting, I would assume you’re running on a new version of android.

I don’t have a fire tablet, but I do use an android phone. I go to settings>notifications and can see a list of every application that’s trying to send me notfications. I can then go thru each one and set as allow or not, and even if I want it to be a push notification or not.

Try checking there to see if blink is there.

Another good step is to delete the application, and reinstall it. that sometimes fixes common issues.

Yes , that is already done for blink and other important apps to be first to send notification s to me. ( Thank you sir

Hi, I really appreciate your efforts on the push and sound notifications for the Blink app! Last weekend both my wife and I got new Samsung A20 phones, I set them up so all notification settings on the phone and the app were exactly the same. But thanks to your suggestion I raised any eybrow when I saw your note about “Clean Master app”. I had it on my old Samsung phone and my wife did not and both the old phones worked just fine. But since transferring everything over to the new phones, I was not getting any push notifications or sound alerts from the Blink app. I spent well over an hour and a half with the Blink Support Team, and they had me try everything that I had already tried, with nothing resolving the issue. The last thing they suggested was to reset my brand new phone. I said there’s no way that I was going to do that.
Then this morning I read your post, deleted the Clean Master App, and low and behold the Blink app now is sending push notifications and sound notifications to my phone!!!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
Gafntj76 / Gary & Theresa