Delayed Notifications on Motion Clips

For the past several weeks I’ve been having delayed notifications upon motion clips, sometimes as long as 10 minutes, but usually it’s usually 2-3 minutes later. It used to be instant. My wife’s phone (S9) has no issues.

My device is a Galaxy Note 9. Current version 9.0 with March 1st security update.

I’ve checked to be sure my device isn’t putting the app to sleep and causing delays. I’ve logged in/out of the app. Reset the entire system. Logged out of my wife’s phone entirely so mine was the only one to receive notifications. Nothing has fixed the issue.

Anyone experiencing a similar problem or have a solution? I don’t have delayed notifications for any other app on my device, only Blink.


Remember the Blink server/cloud is in the loop. You have no idea when and if they are having delays. Then you have your internet service provider itself that can be experiencing problems and yet again, no idea if and when they are having problems.

Speed of notifications in the Blink system has always been a variable in my experience over the last 15 months that I have used Blink. There are many people that want instant results so they can catch the bad guy in the act. You know, like they show on those Ring doorbell commercials.

Guess what, Ring has their own delay in notification issues. Google “ring or ring pro notification delay” and read all about it. Nest and Arlo have the same issues with delayed notifications.

In Blink’s Terms of Service (which 99% of customers never read the entire thing) chapter 15 subsection C is the part that the lawyers wrote to cover notifications.

Well, the problem I’m having doesn’t seem to be related to Blink’s cloud/server and I have a dedicated fiber line, so drops and connectivity issues are pretty rare.

Also, I’m pretty confident the issue isn’t related to either of those things because the notifications between Blink and my wife’s phone work without issue. If one of our cameras records a motion clip my wife will get the notification instantly, whereas I will be sitting directly beside her and receive the same notification several minutes later.

I really wish I could remember for certain, but I don’t remember having this issue before updating my Galaxy Note 9 to Android version 9.0. I personally had issues with live view video on my Note 9 a few months ago, and I know others here had the same problem that was exclusive to Note 9 models, so I’m wondering if this is a new device specific issue.

It may be that others haven’t noticed the delays in notifications because, like I said, sometimes its 2-3 minutes and others maybe 10 minutes, but it’s nothing super drastic. I only notice because I work from home and when I get a package delivered, or someone comes to the door, I usually hear them come and go before I get the notification… which never used to be the case.

I have a dedictated fiber optic DSL system in my front yard - Century LInk. We lease a bit of our property to them so they could install a bunch of those pale gray controll boxes for the digital fiber optic upgrade for the neighborhood.

A while back I did a test…I have 3 android devices with Blink on them. Samsung Galaxy S5 phone, Verizon Ellipses 8" tablet, and a X92 streaming television box. The tablet notifications are way slower than the phone. In fact everything is slower on that old tablet. The X92 television box works with Blink. However, the Blink app is not formated for a rotated flat screen LDC television display - TV. So it is rather useless.

I am having the same issue.

The issue still persists for me as well on my Note 9. The only workaround I have found is to “lock” the Blink app in the background. As long as I have the app locked my notifications work properly, and it’s kind of annoying to have to remember to keep it locked at all times, but it works and it’s a minor inconvenience so I deal with it.

I have tried 4 other devices (2 phones, 2 tablets) and the only device that ever has notification delays is the Note 9. I have had multiple devices connected to the app at the same time and I will receive notifications as instantly as expected on everything but the Note 9… and, again, I’m nearly 100% sure this started after updating to Android 9.0.

So, anyways, if you have a Note 9 try locking the app. Tap the “III” symbol on the bottom of the screen to open up recent apps, tap the app icon, and then select “lock this app”. I find that maybe 10% of the time I still get delayed notifications, but 10% is far better than the 99% of delayed notifications if I don’t have it locked.

New user here.

I am having same EXACT issue (not getting notifications while my wife does). I have noticed my notifications have been delayed by hours sometimes. I will be sitting right next to my phone and all of a sudden it will go crazy (several notification sounds in a row) and I will receive all my notifications at once. I have received as many as 22 at one time. It doesn’t happen all the time but I would say I get delayed notifications MORE than I do instant (or quick) notifications.

I am on Android but not Note 9 nor Android 9.0.
I have a Galaxy J7 Prime running Android 8.1.0

I have checked battery/data savers which are off
I have checked notifications which are enabled and set Blink to the exempt list so it doesn’t sleep.
“Do Not Disturb” is not enabled on my phone.
This has not helped.

I realize this is a “monitoring system” but I still need to have prompt, dependable notifications. My intention was to monitor my driveway/vehicles as we have had some theft issues in the neighborhood recently and my work truck has a significant investment in tools inside of it.

I clear my recent apps frequently (several times per day) and I know that my wife never does this.

I will try your “work around” to see if it helps.

I think it’s clear that you’re right to be focusing your efforts on your phone. If your wife has no issues, then it proves your Blink system, including any push notifications from Blink, is operating as it should.

With you reporting that other notifications are arriving on time it’s difficult to imagine what it could be. In my own experience, the only time I get unreliable Blink notifications is when my phone has unreliable connectivity, and this was tied mainly to when it was in a position stuck with a very weak WiFi signal. There are settings that can be adjusted to help with this, but my android phone still gets ‘stuck from time to time’. If I switch fully to mobile data, it always works in a timely fashion, probably because I’m fortunate enough to live in a good 4G area.

If you haven’t already tried, it might be worth trying, as an experiment, turning off WiFi, and using only mobile data, at least for a significant test period, to see what happens.

Other than that, I’m sorry but I’ve nothing to offer.


Thank you for the prompt reply and the suggestion but…

I have wifi and mobile data on my phone both turned on (my wife has identical settings). This means when I get home and phone detects my wifi signal it automatically logs me in BUT if that signal were to become weak (say if wifi goes down or I leave the house) my phone automatically switches to my mobile data plan. So that cannot be the problem (ESPECIALLY since my wife’s phone is set up the same).

I did try the “work around” mentioned above - locking app in recent apps which essentially keeps app open and running on phone.

Also, I have force stopped the app, cleared cache & data, uninstalled app from phone THEN reinstalled app and logged back in…a couple hours later I got approx 15 notifications all at once.

So these two “fixes” don’t seem to have had any effect in my case??

This is very frustrating and maybe I’m being a bit anal for expecting this to work properly on each device but I think the team at Blink should be able to help in this regard. Their app designers/engineers should be able to figure these issues out. If their product is designed to ONLY work with smartphones then they should have all the answers to make it work on these operating systems. I have not submitted a ticket yet but I will, I was hoping this issue was a bit more common and I’d find the answer here in the community before I did so.

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Yes, mine switches automatically too, and I have both on, and I still suffer the issue, especially when far from my home router, but whilst still technically in range. If ever I’m in this situation, and I switch WiFi off, it jumps onto 4G, and works perfectly. I improved things by always on, and aggressive switching, and always use mobile data when WiFi is weak, but still those things are simply not as reliable as turning WiFi off, when say I’m in the garage, and at the limit of my WiFi range.

How does it perform when you’re out and about, away from your WiFi. Does it still deliver batches of multiple notifications?

Oh, and by the way, or for what it matters, I don’t consider it anal at all. We should all be able to expect notification as soon as the recording finishes, and ideally as soon as it starts, but that’s another topic. The difficulty I see for Blink is that there are so many phones, and so many OS versions, and routers and settings, that being able to provide advice on specific phone settings, that actually work reliably, would be an immense task.

If you do raise a ticket, I’d be careful to stress that it is working well on another device, otherwise you run the risk of them having you mess with your existing working set-up.

Anyway, best of luck with it.

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I find my best notification system is my dog. She knows when someone is at the front door and barks to let me know. I don’t see anything on BLINK until after they’re gone. Because of this delay I’m not going to bother to invest in the new BLINK with audio response. What’s the point? People are going to want an immediate response and I am going to want to talk to them while they are still standing on my porch, not minutes later after they have left.

I guess I won’t even bother waiting for the promised doorbell that appears will never be released.

If I had known about all of these issues up front I would have bought the RING system instead.

I find it strange that I can’t quote a previous post (or am I missing something?)

I was not getting prompt alerts on wifi so I switched it off and used mobile data for a test. This resulted in a prompt notification. So that did actually appear to work although I don’t really know how reliable this testing is (I’ll explain further below)

Agreed. My Rottweiler was a real quick with the notifications too (but she’s gone now).
I also agree that if you are getting delayed notifications the system (audio AND video) is useless.
Now that amazon owns Blink and Ring I don’t see why Blink would release a doorbell. I really don’t understand why they don’t combine these companies and their efforts to make better products overall.

Sorry for the long post but if you are having this problem it may be helpful

Back to my testing:
First of all I’m not documenting my testing and I’m testing for short periods when I have some free time which usually gets interrupted by daily life…again this testing should be performed by the manufacturer.

So, I was filling out the form to submit a support ticket and started reading several suggested articles linked by Blink as possible solutions (suggested reading BEFORE submitting ticket)
In my case I found this link to be most useful:

Near the bottom of that page are suggestions related to Android 8 users.
I found the very last tip the most useful. It details a process of signing out, power cycling phone, uninstalling/reinstalling app.

I found after doing the process I was getting prompt notifications…for a short time. I tested a few times and all was well so I thought it solved the problem. An hour later my wife was again getting notifications and I wasn’t. Result - FAIL

I then started comparing the two phones. (Long story short) My wife’s phone is very similar to mine because she’s currently using my back up phone. One difference was that I added “Clean Master” app to my newer phone to try to keep it running smoothly. So I uninstalled Clean Master app and cycled my phone on/off again and low and behold I started getting prompt notifications on my phone again at the same time my wife was getting them. I think I tested it 4 times and all was well. 15 minutes later she was getting notifications and I wasn’t AGAIN! Result - FAIL

I started playing with cycling phones on/off and they would sync up again for a short time then one would work and the other wouldn’t (now I was getting the early notifications and her phone was not??)

Then I started playing with my son’s Android phone. So now I had THREE Android phones RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER and then his phone would get notifications and BOTH mine and my wife’s phone would not!
FYI: We actually have 4 phones on the Blink system. 3 Android, 1 iphone (not sure if the # of devices or different OS is a factor in this flaw?). Not sure if this is an issue on Apple devices as I have not checked my daughters phone…she’s never home.

This is when I switched my phones wifi off (all three were on for the testing described above) and started getting prompt notifications again. So mobile data does seem to work (for the moment). I’ll try more testing later. To be honest I’m aggravated and frustrated with these results and I started playing with this as 5am so I’m done for now.

My current opinion (FWIW/YMMV) is that Blink has a problem with the sync module sending notifications to multiple devices. I’m no electronic engineer so IDK if its hardware, software or what but that appears to be the issue.
Why else would it work for a short time then stop working?
It appears one phone becomes the dominant phone and gets prompt notifications while the other phones quit getting them after a very short period BUT then this can be corrected again (briefly) by performing one or all of the following: signing out/signing into app, power cycling phone, uninstalling/reinstalling app?

I strongly recommend Blink does some testing on one system sending notifications to multiple devices (and try different devices & OS’s).

I know there are other users experiencing the same issues. I know its a pain and time consuming to write out a detailed post but I’d like to hear what others are experiencing and have found out in their own troubleshooting/testing.

To be perfectly honest I’ll probably be sending the Blink system back because I don’t have the the time or desire to troubleshoot someone else’s problem and while the system is inexpensive (thanks to Prime Day) it doesn’t function as it should, I’d rather spend more money on a proven product. (Maybe they’ll have this issue resolved by Black Friday and I’ll buy again if they have another promotion)

Hopefully Blink support monitors these boards and has a look at my findings, I hope this insight helps.
If anyone here had the ear of Blink support please forward this post.

Another flaw I noticed with syncing is when I delete clips on my phone it does not ALWAYS update properly on other devices. I have found clips on my wife’s and son’s phones with the yellow dot on them that I had deleted hours or even days ago. When I click on these to play them they never load and play as they have already been deleted by another user. This is much more rare than the notification flaw above but still a syncing issue.

I have submitted a ticket and asked Blink support to read this post.

They did reply but only asked questions that I have answered in my posts here such as did I try uninstalling/re installing the app and have I checked my notification settings within the app.

It would have been nice of them to just acknowledge the problem and tell me they are working on a solution. I am obviously not the first to report this issue of notification lag when multiple devices are involved as is evident from posts in the forum.

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I get notifications now over 1hour late !!

1 hour. Very good system this by one of the biggest companies in the world.

Hi @Mewhoelse, that is definitely not the normal.

Here are some things to test:

Test notification speed with your phone connected to WiFi, and then to the cellular network. If there’s a big delay with one and not the other, it’s highly possible you’re dealing with a data speed issue on your side, and not with Blink.

Try resetting the entire system. Unplug the sync module, and unplug your router for a few minutes. Hook everything back up and test again.

Let us know if this does anything.

Soooo… I’ve done all as instructed, re-booted WiFi, turned Android cellphone off and back on, armed system and “did not” set save battery mode, etc,etc… Received alert notification at 7:01 Am this morning. Checked clips… clips recorded at 4:54 AM. Thank goodness it was not criminal activity. Don’t know what else to do. It only happens occasionally but I now cannot depend on system. Each time this has happened it has been during the late night… early morning hours. Wonder, does the Cloud do it’s “housekeeping” during those hours?

It’s hosted through Amazon Web Sevices. There should be no down time from the cloud. It may be an issue unique to your system as a whole, including phone and internet. I’d contact customer support and see what they can find out.

Personally, the only times I have issues with notifications is during a period of poor data connection with my phone.

Hi Austin,
Well, thanks for the info. I do see an awful lot of chatter on the Community Posts about delays in notifications. I sent in a ticket and the reply was relative to re-bootign my WiFi, etc. That apparently hasn’t helped as of yet. It concerns me because a few weeks after installing the system I got a notification, 10:30 pm, that showed a burglar on my back porch trying the doors. The notification was not delayed and I jumped up and switched on all the patio lights and he fled. The police responded and search for him but my home backs up the a golf course and they said he probably used the fairways as a means of escape. Don’t know what would have happened if the notification had been delayed as it was this morning.

If you live in an area with good 4G, and especially if you aren’t worried about a data limit on your phone, experiment with turning off WiFi on the phone. I know this sounds counter intuitive, but the point is, if it then notifies you quickly, all the time, you know you have an issue with your phone accessing your own WiFi network reliably and consistently. You may find, that during defined night hours, battery saving on your WiFi powers it down, but it doesn’t hand over to 4G correctly. Forcing it to use mobile data, all the time, will highlight this, if the problem disappears.

One at a time, and not both, will help you isolate the issue. Handover from one to the other can be problematic, even though it shouldn’t be, but I’ve read bout it many times, and experienced it myself. I doubt this has anything to do with a delay in Blink pushing the notifications from their server, as Austin rightly points out. The difficulty will be local, in your ability to receive them on your phone, and this test could help you confirm this.

Do your own tests. Simulate a burglary, with 4G only, WiFi off on your device, even if it means you getting up in the middle of the night to be certain it’s unaffected at this time. When you need a pee, nip out to your camera. Do not take your phone, leave it untouched, so as not to ‘wake’ it up as a result of motion. If you have a notification as soon as you come back in, you know it is something about your phone’s WiFi, or that of your own network.