Delay recording

Hey everyone is there a way or tip to fix my problem? So my problem is that when someone walks to my front door it doesn’t pick anything up until they leave. I have a video for my example but don’t know how to upload it. Here is a screenshot of when the video starts. Not sure if changing the angle or sensitivity would help so any advice would be great

It’s not so easy to explain why it starts as he leaves, other than to say, the way you have it mounted in the least sensitive direction for the PIR sensor, and thus the least reliable. Directly to or from the sensor is poor detection. Across is very good. This is typical of almost all PIR sensors used in such devices.

I’m surprised it doesn’t get them as they come into view, because briefly that is across, but then it is a bit far away. Hard to explain how it gets them leaving, but then as I said, to and from, unreliable.

See how you have your wall in view, at the left, presumably to centre the path and the people who approach. Try turning it to the right, so you see more trees and no wall. You don’t need to see the wall, it only needs to be at the very extreme left of your frame, and turning it to the right will make the motion more across the PIR sensor’s field of view.

Give it a try, it can’t hurt at least, and let us know how you make out.

A quick Google of how PIR sensors work will soon explain why they are almost useless for direct approach.