Delay in notifications

Hello, for the past two years I’ve had my original blink system installed, I’ve had a problem free experience in terms of notifications.

So a few weeks ago I installed my XT2, had a good few days with it, made sure it has full signal for both the WiFi and sync. The past few days I’ve been getting a major delay in notifications, anywhere up to an hour later, and it’s not just my XT2, it’s my original blink cameras and my old XT. Every Camera has a minimum of 4 bars for each signal, I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app off my iPad and iPhone 8 Plus, I’ve reset my network. My internet speed is 65 down and 17 up.
The videos will appear in the video manager straight away, I’ll review the clip and maybe delete it, then 10/20 minutes later I’ll get the notification, or I’ll leave the clip as is, then again some time later I’ll get the notification and it’ll play the same clip I watched before.
Just now I did a bit more testing, set my clip length to 5 seconds, ran my hand across a few times and I’m still waiting for the notifications as I write this post about half an hour later.

I’ve submitted a support request so I was just wondering if anyone is experiencing the same issue or?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Lukey359

Yes, I have recently purchased 3XT2s and I’m having exactly the same issue:

I have 3 XT2’s, after carefully positioning them they all have great signal strength for sync module and WIFI. My mobile is an iPhone X and at certain times of the day the notifications have been taking from 10mins up to 50mins to come through! At night time this issue seems to resolve itself and with the cameras set to 5sec record I get alerts seconds after its finished recording.

I can only imagine the issue is with the blink servers as the recording comes through almost instantly in the clip role if I’m looking at the blink app…very frustrated with this inconsistency of receiving notifications because if you don’t get the notification fast, i.e. in seconds, then what’s the point?

I will continue testing and if not resolved by Blink anytime soon I will be returning (30 day return period) Such a pity as for the money its hard to beat these excellent cost effective wireless cameras.

Thanks for the reply JonBoyJ,
I’m glad I’m not the only one getting this issue, at first I thought it had something to do with the ASUS AiMesh I just set up, all day yesterday I wasn’t getting a single notification so I writ to the support team and created this forum post, when I awoke this morning, notifications were near enough instant after the recording finished so I don’t understand why it’s happening, definitely must be something on blinks side.

By the sounds of your post we’re both getting the exact same issue, my notifications would either be non existent or anywhere up to an hour, yet the clips would be there straight away in the video manager.

For me personally based on the years I’ve had my previous cameras, I doubt I’ll be returning my new XT2 as the notifications have worked perfectly for years up until this point so I imagine it’s something that could be fixed.

But all that aside it is very frustrating as with me I had just gotten it all set up working perfectly and then the issue started not long after and I started thinking maybe it was something I had done.

Here’s hoping it gets resolved soon as mine is positioned above my front door, so since it’s been installed I’ve been using the two way talk quite a bit and it’s definitely a step up over the old XT, but if the notifications are delayed, what’s the point?!!


My notifications are coming through just fine. It may be an issue with your application communicating with the cloud.

Try deleting the application from your devices, restarting the device, and reinstalling the application. This seems to help with a lot of server syncing issues.

That was the first thing I tried once it was happening, I force closed the application and relaunched - still happening.
Deleted and reinstalled the app - still happening.
Deleted the app, restarted my devices, installed the app - still happening.
I even changed back to a single router thinking the AiMesh network was causing it. Also switched to cellular data and it was still happening.

Again in my previous reply it seemed to be back to normal today so who knows if it’ll happen again but yesterday when I created the forum post, it was happening on and off around a week prior. Whereas yesterday it was all day.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Just for grins, as a test, try turning off WiFi on your phone, and running with mobile data only, 3G/4G, for a good while. Let us know how you get on and if doing this makes any difference.

Hi JonBoyJ, I don’t know if your still experiencing the same issue I had, but this morning I deleted everything on my account (sync module and every camera), then I deleted and reinstalled the app, I’ve triggered the cameras a few times throughout the day and so far everything seems back to normal, notifications are back to being within 1-3 seconds of the camera finishing recording.

I’m new to Blink. I’ve had the Blink XT2 system up and running fine for couple of months. This week, noticed the same issue described here - delayed notifications.
I see these posts go back to Aug, did you all find solutions.?

Hi :slight_smile: mine have been doing the same this past week, up to an hour sometimes.

Originally, I contacted support and they delinked every device/service associated with my account, originally I thought it was IFTTT that was causing it as soon as they did that, the notifications came through instantly again and I never signed back into IFTTT.

This past week though they’ve been delayed again, sometimes I’ll go in and there will be 2 or 3 clips there that I didn’t get the notification for.

Yea i bought the same system and i am having a hell of a time getting it to work as they showed on the advertizement on tv. My lag time is long… I walk up to my front door. Open it, poor a cup of coffee and walk to my studiy then i get the notification. Well by the time i get the notification, i cannot do ■■■■ about anything. Imagine if it was a intruder. He would be in your house ransacking the crap out of it, because when you get the notification, the guy could be in your house already and you would think they ran away because the saw the camera… I reached out to Support at Blink and they send me link to look at… Well guest what… None of the links they send me worked. So i am still having issues and trying to phone them is not a option as they never answer the wphone and when you leave a voicemail they never return yalls calls… About to ship this back to them and go with Ring, but i hate to spend so much money

any issues i’ve had with clips or notification seems to resolve if i delete the app and readd it.

Thanks for reply. I’m thinking it’s an issue with blink servers rather than our individual system set ups / positions. I’ll try contacting Blink tech support.

I HAVE THE EXACT SAME ISSUE…strangely enough mine is persistent from the time of say 4pm to around 8:30pm…this just started for me and support was no help…they told me to turn off do not disturb on my phone…like are you serious?

Anybody got anything more technical out of support or come up with any other solutions…I do not feel like climbing a ladder in the cold to re add all the cameras if I have to delete them…

I’ve just tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Seems to have worked so far. Worth a try :slight_smile:

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I’ve done that. Multiple times. My system is working fine at the moment but come tomorrow around 4pm something wonky happens and it just stops being quick. Notifications take 20-30min to come through to my phone. I can go into the app and see them but I am not notified promptly like I usually am. This all started two days ago and nothing on my end has changed at all. Used to work flawless.

blink responded to me saying that they have seen some delays caused by apple’s notification serves on IOS devices…whatever that means?

I just purchased a 3 camera system Blink XT2. All 3 cameras do not notify me until 2 minutes after the video goes off. I dont feel very protected. I added a 4th camera and that one works fine indoors. When I put it out back, within 20ft of the sync module, it wont let me take a picture or a live video, It says “camera failed”. I deleted it, reset my router, reset the sync module, even pulled the batteries out of the camera and re-inserted them. Not a very reliable system.

How far are the sync module and cameras from your router? My guess is that you may need a WiFi repeater.

Remember: you need a good connection between cameras and sync module AND a good WiFi connection between all sync modules and cameras.

Don’t blame the product before you do some more testing. There are thousands of customers with systems that are working just fine.

BTW, do you have “Early Notifications” enabled?

I even tried moving the sync module within 5 feet of the camera. The camera doesn’t seem to work outside. If I bring the camera inside, it works fine.

The router is maybe 20 feet from the sync module. I thought the camera’s get their info/connection from the sync module, not the router.

My next attempt is to exchange the “faulty” camera with one that is working.

Do you have any other suggestions? I do have early notifications enabled.

Please read this carefully:

You need a good WiFi connection FROM YOUR ROUTER TO EACH CAMERA. I can’t be any clearer on this. Move your cameras closer to the router and test before you send back a camera. Based on your description of the problem, you may have a weak WiFi connection to some or all of your cameras.

If you don’t want help, then just say so.