Dark at night

Is night view supposed to be so dark (no other light around)? It’s fine if there’s a street light or porch light, but this location (trying to see beavers at night) is dark. Tried 2 Blink camera XL and XL2. IR is set to max.

I just bought a Zumimall camera and night vision is 100x brighter. It’s also battery operated (rechargeable). Also allows recording from live view.

Blink IR night vision is better than that. Mine are. Are you using a third party mount that is covering part of the IR light on the front? If not, the IR may be defective. Contact Blink support. Good luck. Nice view outside!

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I tried another Blink in same place (I have 4), just swapped them. Same result. It’s like the IR doesn’t pick up dark colors (water, mud, sticks), because same camera looks fine elsewhere (sidewalks, roads, cars). I do have it strapped to a tree below the bottom dome, is there IR lenses below that?

Could well be covering it with your strap. Take it in your hand. Invoke a recording in a dark room, and where you see the small red light, that is your IR emitter. Or just walk in front of it, as is, at night, and if you don’t see a red light, you have it covered up.

Damn, just found this image, guessing I’m covering it. :dizzy_face:‍:dizzy:

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You did better than I did. I was looking for that picture, didn’t find it, and it was mine, lol.

Here is a comparison of the XT2 and Outdoor camera. Blink redesigned the newer camera, the IR is in a different location than XT2. Some have bought third party mounts that worked for XT2 but not Outdoor.

Does the “Outdoor” have anything that’s better? Mine are XT and XT2. Will find out tonight if my night vision works.

Read this

I only own XT2. I will not buy the Outdoor camera, no improvement in resolution. It may have a few new features I’m not aware of but the Outdoor cam is not a big improvement over the XT2. The Blink indoor Mini and Outdoor cams require either a monthly subscription to function or storage to the new sync module 2 with a flash drive user has to buy. Read all the complaints on this site about the transition to subscription service that’s still ongoing and is a mess currently. Want better cameras with higher resolution, more features? I suggest you research online, watch YouTube reviews. You may pay more with another brand but you’ll have better cameras. More companies are requiring monthly fees for their cameras to fully function.

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I’ve been saying want more pay more for years around here. You’ll remember me as the guy that said Blink is dumbed down on purpose. Amazon can not let Blink infringe on Ring sales by adding features/benefits to Blink and keep the Blink price the same. Amazon is smart enough to know two different price points for two different customer markets. Blink is the low price market and is a huge reason Blink has indoor mini for 25-35 bucks.

I don’t think Tom would incur any charges, by getting an outdoor. I now have two, and I am grandfathered in to my free subscription on both. There is nothing in particular that makes them any different. A few little features here and there, but none that would have been a deal breaker for me in their absence.

I’m going to try and make use of photo capture, with one of mine, but had it not been there, I would still have got it, because I needed one more camera. The other outdoor I got, was a replacement for the first one, where they said feel free to keep the first one and make use of it if you can, so I did.

In any case, I think when Tom reports back, we’ll find that his night vision has now improved, having changed the position of his strap.

Sure enough, had the night vision covered with a zip tie. All good now. Very impressed with wifi range, at 100 feet through 3 walls it connects 90% of the time. I never thought to put one that far away

suttyblink, yes, some users are grandfathered in and don’t need the subscription, sorry I didn’t mention it in my prior post. Tcat, glad it’s working for you now. 100 feet from the Wi-Fi is impressive.