DAMN , those lights don't let blink BLINK!

As soon as this car passed by Blink got photopsia . And it ain’t blinking any more . Front camera won’t work after that . It just cracks me up that the name BLINk was literally affected like a regular eye ball because of its LF sensors . How ever because it didn’t actually blink like real eyes it wasn’t able to recover from flourecent high static beam

It looks like that because it’s too dark for full, clear, colour vision. It’s presumably dusk and getting darker. I’m sure it got even worse after that video. At that light level it should already have switched to night vision in black and white. At least it should, if you don’t have it set to off in the camera settings.

Amazes me how dark they will work, if you set IR to off, but still, there is a limit.

Yeah it was recording just fine day and night with 10 sec time frame but , after those head lights it didn’t record anything else . In the literal sense . It actually crashed it . My other cameras worked just fine but those were in these head lights path . My back porch has a view towards the horizon the sun hits it and still good . Just that one after those head lights.

Oh yeah and night vision , just kicks in when it gets dark . I tested this theory today and put the indoor cam outside where that one was . Mostly bc that has a light that turns on red then white when it senses something . I went across the street to see And I saw the same car turn the corner to my street and yes the beams of it’s light from 7 houses prior mine did trigger the sensors . Light turned on and it started recording.