Customer Service

Bought the blink system 5 camera xt2 less then a month ago, would try and take a picture, started to say thumb nail failed. Then it stoped recording motion and sending me alerts. Then it disconnected from my WiFi. Then I could not reconnect, telling me my password was wrong. Called customer service, went threw all the trouble shooting tips and nothing. I wanted to use these outside my house, because I have had people walking around my house at night. I have three Wyze cameras inside my house and never have had a issue. Customer service was no help, blamed it on my ISP and router, saying I was running on 5G which I was not. Told me I needed to contact my ISP, because my 2g and 5G was running on the same signal, if that was true, then how did I hook it up the first time. My ISP won’t trouble shoot anything, because I own my own equipment. So customer service tells me there is nothing that can do. Worst customer service ever!!! So I will be returning this where I bought it. HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!

I don’t think they are horrible. Rather Bezos and Amazon just don’t give a chit about a few people here and there that are unhappy with a product they sell. It’s kind of like slippage. Part of the cost of doing business.