Customer of just 6 days, Sync' module keeps going offline

Well, as a new customer I’m not terribly impressed. After just 6 days of operation, my Sync’ module went offline 4 times yesterday and as I write this, remains inactive.

I followed your troubleshooting steps diligently (incidentally, in two cases it took over 30 minutes of work to get the Sync’ module reinstalled). I’ve reset my router, moved the module so it now has a full 5 bars of signal, and then just an hour later, it’s offline again.

And what do you do when I report a ticket? Rather insultingly, you choose not to read what I’ve done, you just send me the troubleshooting guide again.

Believe it or not, I am not an idiot. I can follow instructions. I’m a 46 year old father of 2. I work in IT. This is not an impressive start, Fix this, please, or I will be insisting on a full refund and I’ll take my custom elsewhere. I’m giving you 48 hours to get a meaningful response to me that doesn’t involve just cutting and pasting some standard wording. So far, you haven’t replied to my response to your cookie cutter reply,

Ticket number 147353.


Give tech support a call from any phone at (781) 332-5465 or from the Blink app.

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@DoctorSinister I’ve sent you a PM

We’ll get it worked out with you.


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Thanks for the reply.

If you have a WiFi extender or another router plug in you need to unplug these items. After you get your system working you can plug in the other items.

I am having a similar issue and all i have received as well is “cookie cutter” replies, like i am an idiot. I have only had this camera for a few days and it pretty much looses network connection all day long for hours at a time. No other smart device in my house does this and the camera is only about 10 feet from the module, and the module is 10 feet from the router. RIDICULOUS. Still no reply/solution to my last message to customer service. Clearly a lot of people having similar issues.

Request/Ticket #488702

I am having issues with sync module going offline for no reason, requires a reboot of the router, a real pain as I am in Florida, use the cameras as security, wifi and sync modules signals alway good, only a 600 sq ft home, help. I have to get someone to go turn it off and on every time it goes offline?

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Hi @James_R_McIsaac,

I would recommend submitting a support ticket or calling our support team at (781) 332-5465. Keep me updated!

Most of the time when this happens the blink module to to far away from the wifi router. Have someone move it closer to the router. Talk to them on the phone when they plug back in the router. Wait and make sure it connects and then reboot the router one more time. While they are on the phone check you phone app to make sure it’s connected. It should fix the issue