Created Account before system came, cannot remember password

My boyfriend created a blink account a few months ago when we were looking at purchasing the system. We just received ours, and he cannot remember the password. I downloaded the app on my phone, put in his email and the password he thought he used, but it isn’t working. I click on the forgot password and it says to check our email to get the code, well we are not receiving the email. Is there a way to fully reset our system (still haven’t used it yet) and redo everything? We have emailed and tried calling customer support but haven’t been able to speak to an agent. We tried creating a new account with my email, however when we go to set it up and scan the system it says its already registered to another account.

Support is your only option.

If you can’t remember your email as well as password, you won’t be able to log into the mobile app. Can’t log into app, can’t setup system or cameras.

This is actually no different than not remembering account credentials for online banking, social media accounts, Google or,IOS accounts, etc.

How can so many people remember all that other stuff, but on a daily basis people can’t remember their Blink account info? When you look at it this,way, it starts making sense why Blink support waves the sorry you’re out of luck flag.

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