Correct FirmWare Version as of this moment?

Good Morning Blink-Dom!!

I’ve been reading for the last few days that there’s been seven substantial security flaws discovered inherent in the Blink system. I suspect that y’all are doing everything possible to close those gaps like a good cloud based company would - and to make sure my cameras are being updated properly with fixes - can you please provide insight somewhere that will tell your user pool the most recent firmware revision that you’ve put out to make sure we’re all up to date and not having someone in China/Russia/US.GOV/Anywhere else watching our camera feeds/hacking our systems?
Today, Friday, the 13th - it appears I can find the firmware version in each camera settings profile - which shows as Version 7.87. Is that the most recent out? Is there anything else that you are updating that I need to confirm has hit my cameras?
Gratitude in advance, BigP

Welcome to the forums! 7.87 is the latest firmware for the XT2 cams and 2.13.12 is the latest for the sync modules. I’m in the U.S… It may be different in other countries. Also, Blink will not disclose what they are working on and there is no central point to get this info. Enjoy your system!

Thank you for the speedy reply, @ronsec! Helpful. I AM enjoying the insight into the surroundings we didn’t have before - very valuable and supports my goal of protecting my family. Curious - change your perspective on where you’d setup cameras? Asking for a friend who’s waiting delivery on two additional cameras. : )

I have my outdoor cams to monitor all doors (3), my carport, my front porch and rear deck. My indoor cams are placed to anywhere an intruder would have to pass to walk through the house. Probably overkill but I like my toys! LOL I also have a Ring doorbell and SimpliSafe alarm system.

My blink is stuck on 786, won’t go to 797.

Also, how do check the version on my sync module?

Latest Sync Module Version is 2.13.26 & Blink XT2 Camera Firmware Is 7.96

How you like SimpliSafe on a scale of 1 thru 10?

I have the 2nd iteration and rate it an 8. The latest version is supposed to be better but since the one I have does everything I need I won’t “upgrade”. However their customer service absolutely, positively SUCKS! My next system will be Abode.

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According the the 1st time posters here, the only thing that sucks more than Blink customer service is Stormy Daniels.