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Looking to buy a system for the front and back of my house and from what I’ve read, the Blink Outdoors system seems to fit most of the tick boxes on my list.

Never having had any form of security camera before, when I look at systems that are available here in the UK, I can see cameras and what I think is a control module. Can I ask where this plugs in please? Any help or advice would be most welcomed.

Once again, the answers you are looking for are on the support website. Go there to learn what Blink is, how it works, product comparisons, what to buy. .

There are lots of videos on youtube also to watch and learn.

Remember, Blink is a do it yourself system. Self install, self setup, self test, self tweak. Everything is done by you. Part of it is reading the owners’ manual and learning. That Blink support website…it’s the owner’s manual on steroids.

If all you want is type in a question and expect correct answers, then this idea of the entire system is installed, setup, tweaked and maintained by you…might not be a good fit for you.

Apologies for asking what you seem to feel is a dumb question on my part.

All of the videos I’ve watched so far simply show the Sync Module sat on a table. None show it being plugged in to anything. Sorry to have spoilt your day.

I agree with Joel that it would be very beneficial for you to read the Blink FAQ and Support areas so you can be sure Blink is the system for you. That being said, the sync module plugs into an AC outlet via a USB adapter.

Thank you for the reply Ronsec, really appreciated. I will read the Blink FAQ and Support areas but when I first visited the Blink “help” pages as a complete newcomer the last thing I expected was to be pointed to YouTube videos, be told to read the support area or asked if I’m just here to type questions.

As a professional photographer I “help” on many forums and different platforms. I always try to be as “helpful” as possible and always be there for others. Reading some of the replies to questions on here, I wonder if I’ve come to the right area or I’m even right in thinking of buying a Blink product that I may need “help” on.

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It is way to obvious to me as well as many others who this product would be a good match for and who it would not. Seriously thinking it is not a match for you. Why? Because all you are looking for is instant answers to your questions without having to do the homework on your own.

Yes there are a few people here that can give you those instant answers. And yes you can buy Blink, plug it in, get it up and running super easy. So easy mom can do it. But then all the sudden it doesn’t work right. You’ll have no idea how to optimize it for better reliable consistent performance.

Remember, you are the one that said…

This is why spending hundreds on a few cameras

May or may not be a good fit for you. If you won’t do the research and homework on the front end (before you buy) so you know what you are getting in to, why the heck would you do it when it’s too late (after you buy).

Here, I’ll throw ya a bone. Instant free answer so you don’t have to do any research on your own. But now, I’m done. You’ll have to rely on others helping you out.

Thanks for the BONE, really appreciated but that’s all I asked for in the first place. It’s called “help”.

Unfortunately, and as with most of your replies to others on here you would rather spend time hammering away at the keyboard, rambling on telling people where they should look to find the answers for themselves when it would be much simpler to give them a BONE as you refer to it.

Glad to see you’re done and don’t worry about me having to reply on others to help me out because the “help” you given me so far has been non existent. Oh by the way, that’s me done too.

Now you know why I spend all day hammering away at the keyboard. The entertainment value of conflicting statements when the brain is short circuiting trying to play keyboard commando is never ending.

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Why is that your first post here Sherry?