Connection dropping at night


I’ve recently purchased a 3 camera blink setup and all cameras are working fine in the day but the first 2 nights they have lost connectivity at night, which is quite a crucial time especially for a home security camera. The hub is located upstairs which is close to two of the cameras but away from the wifi router BUT this issues only happens at night. Before I ring Blink has anybody had the same problem?

Does the system re-connect? If so, perhaps your router is set up to reboot very night. Check the settings.

Could be, I’ll need to check when I get home. It seems strange that it’s ok all day then disconnects at night. It’s happened twice now on the first 2 nights we’ve had it.

Many routers have a “scheduled reboot” setting. Of course, rebooting in the middle of the night is usually a good time.

My cable boxes reboot at 2am.

Found a potential solution on my broadband providers help forum…could be our Sky Q box going into Eco mode at night. I have changed the settings on both Sky Q and Mini Box to see if this helps and will report back tomorrow…for anybody else having the same issue look here

Bei mir bringen 2 kameras nachts keine lifevideos mehr, von 18:45 bis 7:15 uhr,vorher war aber alles normal.fremdeinwirkung ?

Double-check your schedule.

It would be helpful to run this thru a translation app first.

Am Zeitplan wurde nichts eingestellt, die anderen Kameras funktionieren auch nachts. Also liegt es auch nicht an meinem Netzwerk. Seit dieser Verifizierungsaufforderung habe ich diese Probleme auch mit Stoermeldungen (Video wurde unterbrochen )usw. Ausserdem musste ich neue Kameras u.Modul kaufen, weil der bisherige Kundendienst mir angeblich nicht helfen konnte wegen Blinkverkauf an Amazon.

Diese Textsoftware versaut mir meine geschriebenen Texte.Ich beherrsche die deutsche Rechtschreibung und Grammatik.

His point was not that your German was not good, it was that almost all of the users on this forum use English as their first language. The only way we, the vast majority of us, can tell what you have written, is by each of us first translating it using Google Translate or similar. It would be helpful if you would use that resource to first translate your German to English, to save everyone else doing it, every time someone wants to know what you posted. By all means leave the German in there too, if you’d like to assist your fellow countrymen with an easy, to them, read.

As for your timing problem, unfortunately I couldn’t say what’s going on. I would only have suggested what ceedee already did, and I see you’ve checked that now, to no avail.