Connecting on cellular hotspot

My home internet is out, therefore my cameras and module are not working. Only way I can get internet right now is by using my cell phone as a hotspot. Can I connect the module to the hotspot?

Hi @Bronson_Michael_Bart,

Yes you can! Blink systems can connect to mobile hotspots.

Blink system works well with xfinity wifi, but does not work with T-Mobile hotspot (ALC MW41TM LINKZONE HOTSPOT). The hotspot is operating at 2.4GHz as required by Blink system, but the Blink Synch module fails to connect to it; even I put them next to each other and the signal strength is 4 bars. Can anyone suggest which hotspot to use?

Dear @nick_at_blink, could you please suggest which hotspot to use with Blink system?

Hi @neobot,

Unfortunately, I’m not sure! I would recommend taking this question to support. You can submit a ticket or call us at (781) 332-5465 in the US or +441158384189 in the UK.

Straight Talk worked for me for about a year and all of sudden stopped connecting once the XT2 came out. Kind of like once your cell phone is Finally Paid Off, they make it have Issues so you buy the newer Versions.

My T-moblie inseego m2000 5G and blink security system don’t work togather, but my AT&T Nighthawk 5G do! I even get better down/up load performance with the T-moblie device.

I too have the same issue, no solution. My other hotspot connects ok to the camera module.