Connecting new camera

Hoping this is me sorted now

Glad to hear they will soon be with you. My support ticket has stalled completely. No replies since last I reported, above.

Got fed up of waiting for them, and took it upon myself to have a ride out today and fixed it. Went through the rather painful process of deleting cameras from the old sync module to a new one. When I say new, I took one from home that had model number 1201, as opposed to 1200.

Everything went as expected. Pick a camera to delete from the 1200 sync module. Wait for the email. Copy the S/N from the email in my phone to the clipboard. Choose add, pick the 1201 sync module. Paste in the S/N. Camera added successfully. Repeat for the existing 4, and then added in the new outdoor, without issue. Should have done the outdoor first, before I left home actually, but didn’t.

Returned home, and deployed the 1200 sync module here, and connected the camera that was removed from the 1201, before I left, following the same process as above. No issue.

It’s all as I want it now, other than the outdoor isn’t in the tree, it’s just sitting in the cabin, though working. I didn’t fancy climbing a ladder, leaning way over the river, to swap the XT2 with the outdoor, whilst on my own. No one to hold the ladder, and, if I fell, I would have been royally stuffed, in the middle of nowhere, maybe even face down in the river, so final deployment will have to wait for my next trip, probably next week. At least all the existing cameras are back up and running. I wasn’t too happy that I was leaving it without cover, hence the reason for me losing patience with support and doing it myself.

Probably would have had to do the same anyway, because they would probably have solved it like they have for you Mark by sending me a new sync module, which would have required the same laborious process, bar decommissioning one at home first.

Well I just have to laugh. They have now come back to me once more, after another couple of days, and said, in order to investigate the matter further, they need the serial number of the sync module in question, which I had included in the first contact email, obviously.

When I complained about this, the reply was that they didn’t see the name Ribble cabin, but Fox, thinking I had made a mistake. This made me more annoyed, because if they had said, please confirm it, because it is now named differently, I would have been fine with that, but they just said, please let us know the S/N of the sync module, so we can investigate.

I have now had to explain what I explained above, that I took matters into my own hands, and ‘fixed’ it by swapping sync modules, and many cameras around, thus avoiding the need to connect an outdoor to the BSM01200U sync module.

I’ve told them again that there is another user with the exact same problem, on more than one sync module, but this time I have told them that these have already been agreed to be replaced.

I’m curious now how long this will go on for, lol.

Finally got there, but I made zero progress with the support agent I had been dealing with. Once I had contacted a senior support member, it was resolved in minutes. Must have ten, maybe more, emails, back and forth, and then, bang, done in two with the right agent.

Paraphrasing again, ‘Yes it is a hardware issue with that sync module. That model of sync module has an older firmware which cannot be updated to the required level to work with either the indoor or outdoor cameras, otherwise, if we push it, the module fails. This will be communicated to all our agents, and we are reaching out to all customers with this model, where we can, proactively, to make arrangements to swap them out, to help avoid this issue in future.’

All’s well that ends well, though took a while. Top marks to the escalation team.

Received my replacement modules yesterday and cameras linked within minutes, great result, hope this is now a ‘known issue’ and they update for those buying additional cameras. .

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I wanted a new outdoor camera, paired with my cabin sync module, to make use of the new photo capture feature, from my tree camera. First full day of operation didn’t go so good. Fully set it up yesterday, by positioning the outdoor camera in the tree, on the same bracket as my XT2 used to be, and then turned on photo capture.

Then, today, one day later, I deleted the clip, as soon as I saw it, thinking there can’t be anything from that camera, lol.

Oh well, best laid plans, and all that.

I often don’t pay attention to whether the clip has a video or picture icon. And since I try to not sign in to the app that often, I’m usually perplexed by why there is a clip.

But I kind of like the feature. I’m waiting for the neighbor to cut his hedge so I can watch it disappear in a blink of an eye.