Connecting new camera

Got new outdoor cams with speakers but cannot add them to existing system, tried rebooting sync module, removing batteries etc etc

Welcome to the forums! Exactly what error(s) are you getting? One thing to try (and it is something I have to do myself when adding a cam) is to bring the cam next to your router and try to add from there. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Thanks I have trie that too. The search for the camera just doesn’t complete and the message says to remove batteries for 10s and try again…

Time to contact tech support. Before you do, download the app “Route This” and run it (password BLNK). It will analyze your system and generate a key code which you will give to tech support. Let us know how you make out.

No luck, tech support sent me replacement cameras and still not working.

Hi Mark

I tried adding a relatively new outdoor camera to an old existing system last week, at a remote site, after having deleted it from my home system, which is also old, but worked, and at this changed site, it failed, over and over again, like yours. I presume you got the ‘Command failed to complete’ message. Support have sent me a new camera too. Tomorrow I will be trying the brand new camera because I will again be visiting the remote site where the previous one failed. They told me I should feel free to keep and use the first one, if I can get it working again on my main home system. I could, I did, and I have, so that’s a bonus.

So, by close of play tomorrow, I will find out if it really is a camera issue, because I too will be trying a brand new one.

If it fails, I will bring the existing sync module home and set it up at home, after having created a guest WiFi, with the exact same credentials as my remote site. If it works at home, with the remote site’s sync module, then it will be a simple matter of taking it all back the following day.

If it doesn’t work, I think it will, but I’ll let you know, my next step will be to replace the old sync module 1 with a sync module 2 and again set it all up at home, on the newly created guest WiFi, again with the remote site’s WiFi credentials and then take those items back, either the following day, or the next time I visit. Probably the following day, because I won’t want to leave it without cover for what would likely be more than a week. Pain in the neck, if I have to do that, because I will have to transfer all the other cameras to the sync module 2, but hey, if it works, it works.

I will revisit this thread and let you know how I get on.

So, I’m back. No luck connecting the brand new outdoor camera to this sync module either. I have brought the camera and sync module home with me, leaving me without cover at my remote site, but that’s life. It managed for 50 years prior without cameras, so I don’t think a few days will matter too much, lol.

I have done so much testing you would not believe it. The new outdoor will connect to every other sync module one that I own, and that’s a good number. Better, just in case it was the join routines/hardware, that was faulty in the sync module, I have deleted one of my XT cameras from home, and joined it to this sync module, without issue.

Long and the short of it is that it will allow any other camera that is not an outdoor to join it, and the outdoor will connect to every other sync module I own, several type one, and a couple of type two.

The only difference between this sync module one, and all the others I own, is that this one is the very first one released, or at least I think it is. Kind of a guess, based on the model number of this and the others, but it seems likely, because I got it early. Literally as soon as it was released in the UK.

This one is the only one with the model number BSM01200U. All the others are 1202, or 1203, etc.

Check to see if yours is a 1200, because if it is, this may well explain it.

I have opened a support case with Blink, going into exhaustive detail of all my tests on multiple networks, multiple cameras, multiple sync modules, etc.

I’m loathed to have to decommission everything at my cabin to replace it with a later sync module one version. I could shuffle things at home, to release one of the 1203 units, but why should I. I want them to fix it with a firmware push.

If you don’t mind, please let me know if you also have been trying this with a ‘1200’ unit.




I think you’ve found the problem, I like you have more than one module, they are the same age and the only I can check today is indeed a 1200 model. This must nit be compatible with the latest cameras. I shall raise this also with support to see if an upgrade is possible. Many thanks for your investigation work.

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Thanks for confirming. I’m sure that must be it then. Glad you also opened/updated a ticket.

Does any of this apply to you guys?

Sadly not, the problem is as I have described.

All cameras, bar my two outdoor cameras, will connect to the BSM01200U model sync module, which is of course a sync module 1, because it is so old.

All cameras, including the two outdoor cameras, will connect to any other model of sync module that I own. Many sync module 1 units, and two sync module 2 units.

The only difference between the sync module that the outdoors will not connect to, and all the others, is that it is the earliest of models.

If it had anything to do with the router, the IP range, port forwarding, NAT, or anything else like that, then it wouldn’t work correctly for all other models except the outdoor, and in any case, I have now tried it on four separate router options, all of which function as expected, when connecting any model prior to the outdoor, but not with the outdoor on this particular sync module only. Plus my entire system, both old and new works perfectly. There are or were already 4 cameras connected to this sync module, but none was an outdoor, until this attempt.

Also, it would now appear that Mark has a BSM01200 sync module. If he has other types, slightly later models, when he gets chance to check, I’m certain he will be able to join his outdoor to those systems.

I guess we’ll have to see what Blink support have to say.

Mine is BSM00203U bought in December 2017. Model numbers were different for different countries/regions. I think the first two or three numerical digits are country code. Something about digits matching on sync and camera per country. Blink will let ya in on that tidbit of info. People in USA were bringing their hardware to other countries as they traveled. Region lock wasn’t a factor as long a sync and camera had matching country code digit.

Kind of obvious now that there are too many combos of models and versions of models out there for Blink to test all of it. Actually I’m surprised mine at 3-1/2 years old are still running. Very tough weather conditions in Minnesota were I live. All extremes here. Temp, humidity, and rain/snow/ice.

Yeah, we couldn’t buy them as early as that in the UK. So I got mine as soon as it was released here.

Doesn’t surprise me either. Someone forgot to ensure every single model was correctly updated for the join process of the new outdoor, and likely for the indoor too, but I don’t have one to check.

As a matter of interest, and just for info only, as I mentioned earlier, the camera does join their network briefly, and then gets kicked off. I know, because if I try again really quickly, scanning the code once more, as soon as it fails, it says device already registered. If I click okay on that, and do it again, it has had time to wipe out all the failed process, and it carries on with the initial process, and then falls over once more, with the “command failed to complete” error. I can repeat the “device already registered” error at will, or not, simply by how long I wait between attempts.

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Good news, support came back to me offering new sync
“ Regarding my research, there is an issue with the Sync module 241025187, which will not let newer cameras to join it.

At this stage, I believe the best resolution will be to replace the device and send you a brand-new module.”

That’s great, but, I do not want a new sync module. I can do all that myself, by swapping out one of my slightly newer sync module 1 units, and redoing my entire set-up at my fishing cabin, but what a pain in the neck.

My support ticket came back with, “Please enable your account for access”, that’s it. Even though this was already done, and I refreshed that access when I got the auto response mail recommending that, and I have refreshed it again just now.

All that will simply drag it out, when they have no need to do so. It’s obvious what the issue is, as has now been confirmed by the response you have received.

Thanks for reporting back.

EDIT: Still, since it sounds like that’s what I’m going to end up doing, because they will no doubt tell me they will do the same, eventually, I might as well get on with it now. This end is easy, deploying one of my XT cameras to this old sync module, and using the one to which it was connected, a slightly later model, at my cabin.

Now you get to decide, what it forgot, or was it on purpose. I’m going with the later as there is plenty of examples and documentation now of new products not working with old products. It’s part of the planned obsolescence to drive new sales that I speak about lately.

Your fishing cabin reminds me of another example of planned obsolescence. Fish finders on boats. Garmin, Eagle, Lowrance. Every 2-3 years, all three of these companies would come out with a new fish finder sonar that of course has new features and benefits. The new model does not work with the old sensors - sonar, water temp, speed wheel paddle. The bastards changed with wire connection terminal on the back of the new screen displays. Want the new stuff? Buy everything in a kit AND you have to tear out your old sensors and install the new ones.

Pic below is flashback to my fishing days about 17 years ago.
thousand dollars

That would be very nice Joel. The good old days eh!

Not sure that this is planned obsolescence, when it works with all other sync module 1 types, at least that I own, but hey you could be right. I don’t think Garmin, or anyone else, would give you free sensors, when you ring to complain, as they have just done for Mark, and what I expect to happen to me. We shall see, lol.

All the support documentation says the cameras work with sync 1 units. They’re just wrong, for this particular model, lol.

It does work, just not yours. You early adopter guys are always getting screwed.

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Nice one Joel, I think you might be right. So far, I am bouncing back and forth with stock answers. Really poor support, this time, but it was not using the localised UK number to call, it is being performed by email.

First contact from me, full details of what I’d done to prove the issue, almost beyond doubt, provided.

Their reply, stock auto reply, please enable remote support access. I did it, but it was already enabled from an earlier ticket, but didn’t contact them to say it was done. There was no request to do so in the auto mail.

Their next contact, this time a person. Please enable remote support access. Therefore never even checked if it was already done.

My reply, it is done, but please note there is another user, with the exact same issue, with the exact same products and models, and it is resolved as a known incompatibility. This may save some time if you are interested in his details?

Their reply, to put your mind at rest, we can assure you that all new cameras are backwards compatible with all prior sync modules, but may not support all new features, such as local storage, types of subscription, etc. I hope this helps. I mean, wtf.

My reply, well maybe they are meant to be, but they are not. It is already confirmed, from the other user’s support case that there is a known compatibility issue between this particular model and the outdoor. I have done extensive testing, which you could have already read about, in my first approach to you with regard to this issue. Please escalate this ticket to your engineering team, they will be able to confirm.

So far, no reply but the agent is not even reading what I put. So far the answers are actually different to the questions that I actually ask. If it doesn’t improve I shall call them tomorrow.

All the above is paraphrased, of course.

I may also just give up, because I can solve it myself, by swapping sync modules around. Using the old sync module with one of my XTs here, it works, and taking a slightly newer one with me, which has been confirmed to work with the outdoor already. It’s only five cameras to prat around with.

Still, somat to do trying to get support to even read what I am telling them about, lol.

If they were ever thinking of moving their help desk support to India like so many others did, they may want to look at what killed DELL computers. Canned responses from a script and a dialect that most people couldn’t understand. There was no press 1 for English back then either. Sounds like Blink is partway there. Sadly India is like Rome right now…it’s burning.