Confused and angry about new Subscriptions

So, kind of confused on this one. I bought my camera in August. Nothing in the vast research I did about this camera said a single thing about the subscription that I would need come the first of the year. I get that things change. However, you are grandfathering anyone who had an account in April in on the old system. So, you knew in August you were going to do this. I wouldn’t have bought the camera if I knew I had to pay a monthly fee for this. I’m sure that someone will say that everyone knew about this before August. Well you would be wrong. Because there are a lot of people on here who have bought camera systems after April and didn’t know that the system would be useless come January.

I would like to use a bunch of four letter words on this subject but it wouldn’t do any good.

Honestly this camera system is useless now. It wasn’t the greatest when it was free. Now you have to pay for the substandard system. You come out with an upgraded camera for twenty dollars more and then you add a monthly subscription to the new camera.

Oh, you say I can download my videos on a USB device? The question I have is why would I? Being able to look at my camera feed on my computer after I remove the USB drive from the hub isn’t worth a monthly subscription fee to me.

Well thanks for taking my money on the original camera system I bought. I won’t be buying any more anytime soon.

What camera do you have?

I assume you bought an XT or XT2 since the new cameras were not released until Sept. I think. Lots of posts here on this issue. The XT and XT2s keep their free Cloud storage no matter when you bought them. The new cameras are simply called Indoor, Outdoor and have free Cloud storage for those who had accounts before April 2020. Those who opened accounts after that date pay a subscription fee only for the new cameras if they buy them or they can use free local storage on sync module 2 with flash drive. Blink stopped selling the older XT and XT2 cameras so I wonder how much this change will affect future sales. Most camera companies require subscription fees to save video and get more features, such as Ring. They make money selling cameras but the big profits are the monthly/annual subscription fees. A few brands still have free Cloud storage for a few hours to several days. Reolink gives 7 days free Cloud storage but only for one camera. On Amazon the page with Blink cameras mentions Cloud subscription but you have to scroll further down to see it. On Best Buy it also says Cloud storage with subscription. Next time you have a question try typing the subject in the search line and chances are you’ll get better answers than what I gave.

Its not fair if you have an older system to be able to get free usage. I recently bought 2 add on cameras and of course those 2 don’t show the recordings but the old ones do. But the other older ones show all the recordings. Makes no sense…

Free cloud storage is tied to your account as well as a system not just a camera.

A system = the sync module AND the cameras. The sync module tied to your account is the magic in determining free or pay for cloud storage.

Older system = older sync module = your account went online up and running before the magic cutoff date of April 15, 2020.

You can add new camera to old system and continue to get free cloud storage. However, new cameras on a new sync module that is tied to a new account would not…

It’s all detailed in the owner’s manual aka Blink’s support website.

Video clip storage options