Confuse: Blink XT2 free cloud storage or not?

I just bought the Blink XT2 3 cameras package x 2 . It states on the package that free cloud storage.
I’m reading the forum. I think someone said by the end of the year I need to paid $5 @camera per month per user as well?
Am I reading that right?
Please help. If it us I’m going to return that .


I spent a lot of time email customer support. The free storage has everything to do with WHEN you established your blink account and nothing to do with what cameras you have. If you had a blink account established prior to 4/15/2020 then you will always have free cloud storage. If your buying blink right now, regardless of what camera package and do not have an account established prior to the date above, you will be paying in 2021.

This table posted by another member actually contradicts what I wrote but I have emails from support that indicate what I wrote is correct so…

The support website has your answer well detailed. This is also the owner’s manual. Use the search function to type in a word or phrase. For this message thread, type in the word subscription and read the multiple answers.

Not really Joel.

See the attached pic from Blink Tech Support on the Amazon website Q/A section for the new Cameras. The support person indicates free storage for an “existing” Blink system not account. I wanted the new sync2 module which is a system I purchased after 4/15/20 even though I have an account since 2016. I think even support was originally putting out confusing info. I know we are splitting hairs but even I was confused for a few days. To be clear, if you are an existing Blink customer with an account before 4/15/20 you get free storage for any device you have now and in the future. I guess until they change that with a new product release.

That question was answered by Heidi from Blink… The bottom was cut off that showed her name…

Free cloud storage (no matter purchase date) Yes for the XT2

If you actually bothered to do what I said in above post, you would have found the exacts same information. That involves work, not silver platters. Lift a finger, do the research, learn!

April 15th 2020 has been the cutoff date for free ongoing cloud storage. This has been ongoing for many months now…it started back when the mini indoor was released.

The wording account and system has been interchanged. Bottom line is you can’t have a system up and running without an account. A system STARTS wiith a sync module up and running. If you had a sync module up and running before April 15th 2020, that is the deal breaker or not.

You can have an account but no system. But then, are you really an actual customer using Blink? NOPE.

:joy::joy::joy: whatever dude. I don’t need your sarcasm. Not interchangable by the way. The wording means a lot​:hugs: I can have one sync activated before and one after. And don’t give me your bull about being a troll or a non customer. Been using them for years and even moved them to multiple houses. I was pointing out the wording. Even Blink support got it wrong for 3 emails. :wave:t2::wave:t2::wave:t2::wave:t2:

Take your tap dance shoes off. Nobody is buying your song and dance. The April date is well documented in a few places.

However, tech support getting something wrong as well as them supplying conflicting/changing messages is also well documented. I’ll give you that!

Is there any way to check our activation date? I can’t even remember when I set mine up!

I’m totally new to the Blink System and to this forum, but I’d like to put my 2 cents worth in (pressing for inflation, the 2 cents worth is now the 2 dollars worth :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:)
My dad taught me years ago – do your research BEFORE you buy anything. Read everything about what you’re looking for and then find info in other places as well. I’ve followed that lesson all my life and I’ve never been disappointed.
Before I bought my first Blink camera – a Mini camera in bundle with an Echo Show 5,I I researched it on Amazon, and taking 6 pages of notes, then I went to Cnet - always a good source for tech info and finally Consumer Reports, also good info.
I found out about the Cloud Storage issue (it’s only free until 12/31/2020 (unless you were up & running BEFORE 4/15/2020) @Joel_Ek is correct -> There are numerous discussions re: Free Cloud Storage being stopped after 4/15/2020 and they are definitely time stamped and lots of them were before the Blink Mini was released.
@Celine_Lam had some definitely wrong info given to her. She didn’t research apparently because if she had…she would have found the office for Cloud Storage (post 4/15/20 customers) would cost $3/camera monthly or $10/unlimited cameras monthly.
However, no one seems to bring up the Sync Module 2 as storage.
If you buy the right “kit” it comes with a Sync Module, one for each camera you buy. All you have to buy is a flash drive. Not a big deal.
I now have 2 Blink Minis and I just ordered the outdoor camera & it has a Sync Module with it.

Hi everyone, thank you for all the info.
After reading all the comments and conflict information on Amazon, it seems to come to a conclusion the D date is April 2029.
As a consumer, i read the description on the box (ok it can be out dated). You read the product description online at the product selling page about the cloud storage. I made a decision to purchase the item. Now i found out the item is not as described.
Does the seller(Amazon) consider as false advertisement? Doesn’t matter where they announced the termination of free cloud storage, Amazon still publishs the original description on Blink XT2 page.

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Hi Celine

I don’t think there’s any misinformation in terms of the XT2, or with any of them for that matter, it’s just confusing. As far as I understand it, you will get free cloud storage for life with a new XT2 system, whilst those still exist for sale. What you won’t get is the ability to use any of that free cloud storage, or get any more free cloud storage, with any of the new cameras, outdoor, indoor, or mini, which are subscription, unless you created your account, and registered that XT2 system, before the 15th April 2020. If you did, any new purchases of the newer models, will result in you being grandfathered in to your existing free cloud storage agreement.

If subscription does apply, to any given user of the new models, because they don’t have an ‘old’ account, that subscription can be avoided by making use of the sync module 2 and local storage. Whether that’s a practical option, or not, remains to be seen, because as I understand it, when making use of only your own local storage, i.e. without subscription, you do not get the ability to view those recordings in the app, which isn’t very practical. I haven’t searched around to confirm this, because right now I have no need for any of the new systems, plus I’d be grandfathered in anyway, but I thought I saw it in passing. I’m sure others can confirm.

Quite honestly, your best path to resolution is return the XT2 items get your money back. Then if you still want to go with Blink, get a new 2020 outdoor camera system that comes with sync module 2. You’ll have the newest hardware. You’ll also have choice in pay as you go cloud storage or free usb thumb drive storage.

It’s an option Celine, but I wouldn’t. If you stick with the XT2, assuming that’s what you have, you have a fully functional system that is free of subscription. If you intend to expand, and XT2 is no longer available, pay the subscription then, for the outdoor, or whatever you add, not now when you don’t need to.

In my opinion, the free option of local storage, with the new subscription cameras, is next to useless, if it’s true that locally stored items cannot be viewed in the app. Nice as a backup, but nothing else. Who wants to find out next day that you were burgled, and how would you do that for a remote property that you visit infrequently. So useless that I find it hard to believe that you can’t view locally stored content in the app, but it is what I read.

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I just spoke with Amazon chat and they admitted that the product description was never updated when it should have been and that when I purchased this system at the end of June it still had the description as free cloud storage no subscription needed. Chat admitted they made a mistake not updating the description but will not be honoring their mistake for all of us that purchased based on that description. They are updating it now so it shows that it is no longer free. I will be reporting it to the conser protection agency for false advertising. I hope everyone they have ripped off based on their own product description does the same.

Blink has done a bad job communicating to users about all this. With every business, some customer reps are good, some stupid and give misinformation. Here’s an email I got from Blink rep Sept. 7 saying the XT and XT2 will continue to have free storage, no expiration date, no April, 2020 cutoff. And here are pics of the XT and XT2 listed now on Amazon from third party sellers. They are using the same info Blink used, showing free storage. The April, 2020 date involves the new cameras and whether or not they require subscription for those who had accounts before or after that date, as I understand it.

Hi all,

I think last table in following link is pretty clear to me…

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  1. JoyK is talking about what a Chat rep said, not just what’s shown on Amazon. 2. That link does give the continued free XT2 storage information. But the only way I could to get to it was by looking at the new cameras pages, scrolling down to notice the subscription blue colored link and clicking it. For people who bought Blink XT2s the last few months this is of little help. How are they supposed to know to go the new cameras page to find this? There are many many questions on Amazon and on this forum about continued XT2 free storage. Why? Uninformed customers who don’t want to troll the internet to find the answer, or poor customer service from Blink? IMO most of the blame is Blink for not posting this information in an easily available way while they are marketing the new cameras.