Community Wishlist For App & Camera Upgrades

Thanks for all the suggestions! I will work on this over the next couple days and get it out to you all!

I am thinking about creating a google form, and after a week or two, I can share the results with all of you. How does that sound? @A_Person, @jacobjees, @ronsec, @DPChristman, @Capn. @lmosenko


Sounds excellent me, Thanks @nick_at_blink

Sounds good to me

Sounds good to me too!

Thanks @nick_at_blink. Keep the news comming.

Thanks exactly what I was also thinking @nick_at_blink you rock!!!

Hey All,

I just created a section on the forum, under “Community Creations” for forms to be placed. I am starting with one form devoted to mobile app ideas, and we will see how this goes! Also, if anyone has a better idea for a subcategory name, rather than “Blink Feedback” feel free to suggest something. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Just completed 1st survey. I think you’ve nailed what I had envisioned it should look like. Great job!

Just completed mine. Good job! I especially liked that it wasn’t cluttered with “pie in the sky” upgrades. Lets just do the basics for now.

AYE! @ronsec

Great stuff @nick_at_blink ! Now this is how feed back should be. Just completed mine.

Completed and made suggestions for additional enhancements to be voted on and ranked

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Add an option to choose between 12hr and 24hr clock in the Manage account section.

Go Here and Fill out the Survay!

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Whatever happened to the USB port and allowing folks to record video directly to drives attached to it? Will that ever happen?

I didn’t see this thread and posted some of my own suggestions in another thread here:

Here are a few I mentioned which I haven’t seen in this thread yet unless I missed them:

  1. Enable the USB port for video recording.
  2. Speaking as someone who has this integrated with SmartThings, I’d love the ability for Blink cameras to report motion events WITHOUT automatically recording a video.
  3. I’d like the cameras to be able to sense if they’re on wall power and if so, eliminate the recording length limitation. If the hardware doesn’t support it, maybe add an option in the software to specify the camera is on wall power?
  4. I like that Blink released covers for the XTs, but I’d like to see paintable covers.

Hey @blanghorst,

Thanks for your suggestions! I’m an unsure of what the current status of the usb is on the sync module, but I can check with the team tomorrow and let you know!

I really like the idea of cameras being able to sense if they are on wall power; this would be super helpful for me. I am wonderinng what sort of motion/events are you hoping to capture with unlimited recording length? Just wondering because I don’t think I have seen this request yet.

I believe one of our community members actually tried painting the XT covers and it worked very well. I believe @lmosenko mentioned in a previous thread that using latex paint would work well!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


I think it is necessary to have an option to record longer or even indefinite periods of time.
if you are using this as a portable nanny-cam, you are only going to catch what happens in the first minute at the most.
Each sync module has a specific storage amount so there is no harm in allowing the camera to record as much as necessary, but can big significant harm in not recording enough.

Here is something I think was not covered.
Why have a Continue? button during Live View.
If you are viewing it live, you don’t need to tell it to continue.
Currently, when I am watching the front of my house when someone is supposed to be stopping by or a package delivered, I shouldn’t have to hit Continue? every 20 seconds or so.
An End button constantly on the screen is much more realistic and efficient, especially in conjunction with a record live option.


I second this idea by @DPChristman . We should not need to press the “Continue” button in Live View. We need a “Record” button instead @nick_at_blink.


I third that idea , I hate the continue button.