Community Wishlist For App & Camera Upgrades

Decrease the amount of time it takes from motion trigger to first video.
Allow the camera to ignore areas such as trees blowing in the breeze of the upper corner of the camera screen.
Allow the user to disable the blue “recording” light.
Allow the user to schedule arm and disarm times per camera.

Which camera are you referring to, the original indoor camera or the XT outdoor camera? The blue recording light can be disabled only with the XT, there’s a small switch located in the battery compartment to do so.

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Completely understand. The limitation with all motion activated cameras is that they only record be when triggered. You can’t setup a camera by default to monitor street activity as it will be recording constantly. I can’t tell you how many people in my neighborhood have motion based cameras and then catch some suspecious activity near the house but they can never get good footage of the vehicle those people arrived in. With 24x7 systems you can dedicate a camera to record the street without having alerts tied to them.

That’s what my Ring Doorbell Pro does!

Would be great to have some sort of “snapshot” icon in the app to save a screenshot of a particular moment or two.

Also would eventually love something like Ring offers, where you can outline a particular area to watch.

Just installed it this weekend, so far fairly happy for the price. Looking to catch some guys in the neighborhood that have been rifling through unlocked cars.

You can do this by using your phone’s screenshot function while a video is playing in fullscreen (or paused to get a better quality still frame).

Am i the only one who has issues plugging into a micro usb when my camera is mounted to a wall? I have to add a few spacers to give me some distance to install the mirco usb. I would like to see something happen with this.

I know a few companies have created housings which I might give a try that should reslove this issue.

I want on demand recording. screaming lady in the street all night long like a zombie all twacked out on dope but never was in range to trigger the camera, and i was too chicken to go outside to trigger my cam myself. wished i could capture the audio cause she was loud as hell and wanted to share it with my friend.

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How about placing the live camera icon next to the actual camera it serves. Or at least define the borders so that there is a clear visual separation between each camera.

Would like smart home integration (jeedom).

I would like to see several seconds of video constantly cached so when motion is detected the previous second or two is uploaded to the cloud and available for viewing. Currently, we do not see when the person/thing that caused the motion alert enter the frame. We only see the person/item exiting the frame.

In my case, I have one camera that sits near the street. I want to capture license plates on the camera. Unfortunately, I only see the last portion of the side of the vehicle when they are coming at the camera. Sometimes it is not even enough to identify the make/model of the vehicle. In addition, I have another camera that only captures the back of people’s head since they are passing through the camera range. Caching a second or two of video, and uploading when motion is captured, would resolve these issues. My previous camera solution did this and it was very helpful.

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Sounds like you need to position the cameras better. Most of the users on here catch people approaching and leaving.

I have them in the same place as the old Logitech cameras and they worked fine. They cached a second or two so you could see exactly the moment the motion was captured. Would be nice to have the same feature on these.

blinks use a PIR sensor to detect motion, whatever Logitech cam you were using, was it totally wireless, wired, what kind of sensor did it use to detect motion, etc.?

I doubt you will see the couple second cache you are talking about on blink cams right now. They were designed around ultra low battery consumption.

Please improve the battery power status. Just ok is not enough information. If possible give xx% power maybe in 10% increments.

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Would like Multi user support with different rights levels and access limitations to camera’s or sync modules.


@nick_at_blink, appreciate your continued enthusiasm but please stop pretending like anything is going to get done. It would appear that the blink team has all but abandoned its user base and is not doing any development or so little my guess it its one developer tucked away in a corner of amazon. I can’t even understand why - its a great platform to build on but years and years of feature request and nothing is getting done. I regret now much purchase of blink. it was a mistake.


I would like this too. There are some good Sales on Blink Cameras, but it’s hard to invest another $5 for another camera if product has stagnated. Love the price point of the hardware, but when development stops, so does the company.

Hindsight is 20/20 vision on why Blink is what it is after the Amazon acquisition. Amazon did not buy Blink to further develop the Blink products or platform. Rather it’s the other way around. Blink was purchased to further develop existing and future Amazon products. Those products would be Amazon Cloud Cam, and Amazon smart hub devices such as Echo, and Ring products. Those smart hubs are key to Amazon Key Services.

Amazon Key Services are hubs, cameras, locks, and mobile app that allows the delivery person to unlock your door, garage, and vehicle to deliver your package into a secure location. Porch pirate becomes a thing of the past. Amazon Key is one of many things needed to have explosive growth in online shopping and Amazon Prime accounts. .

The 90 million was to acquire the very low power draw chipsets and technology resulting in extra long battery life. They save money in the long run as now they own the technology, and the chip making is also in house rather than much more expensive 3rd party vendor solutions.

Here is the insider scoop report from Reuters. It’s date is Feb 12, 2018. Over a year later you will realize why Blink has been stagnant for so long. Remember, Amazon did not buy Blink to grow Blink. Blink was and still is simply a donor organ.

Yeah, did you see Spotify stock drop when Amazon came knocking? Amazon can do whatever they want, but the market is still good for affordable cameras. Sounds like an entrepreneur should do this again into the exact we market.