Community Wishlist For App & Camera Upgrades

It’d be nice if the sync modules could act as a mesh, so you could just buy one and out it right next to the brick wall on the inside of the house (assuming it works at all through the brick wall with strong wifi power right there).

This little startup has still so much potential. Getting these inexpensive cameras into homes, faster, off in spades with data science later on.


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You mean you want the sync module to act as a WiFi repeater for the cameras?

Sorry sure of the exact solution, but sounds right!

While I’m sure that could be useful for some people, I think it could be kind of a waste of development time and $. And would presumably add to the cost of the sync module.

What percentage of users need a WiFi extender to get their blink system functioning? Is the best location for the WiFi extender the same exact spot as the sync module?

I think it makes the most sense for the people that need a boost to their WiFi signal to add a dedicated WiFi extender. Since blink doesn’t support 802.11ac or 5GHz WiFi anyway, you can get an older device for like 25-30 bucks that should work just fine for this purpose.

Can we please have separate accounts on our Blink app? We have a vacation house shared with other families, and our home that is just for my wife and I to see. We purchased a bunch of Blink cameras for the vacation house, but I’m afraid it can only be my wife and I to watch it, unless we give access to our home also to everyone. How do we do two separate sets of cameras, both on Blink? Do I have to get another company’s cameras for the second home to share with family to avoid losing privacy?


Just create two accounts.

Your home cameras can be linked to your home account.

Your shared vacation house cameras can be linked to another account, and that login info could be shared with others.

You would need to login and out of the Blink app each time you want to see your home vs. vacation hoouse cameras. You’ll only get notifications for the account that is actively logged in.

So perhaps you could keep your home account logged in most of the time on your phone, and your wife could keep the vacation house account logged in on hers (or vice versa).

That way at least one of you will get notifications from each account, and your vacation housemates will never have access to your home cameras.


I have the same problem as Michael_LeBlanc. I set up a Blink system at my elderly Mother-in-Law’s house. My wife and her siblings monitor this system, and it has been working great for the past year or so. We were so pleased with it, I ordered another Blink system and installed it at my elderly Mother’s house, using a different account. This system, too, has been working great, and my brother, sister and I all monitor it. Now, the problem… both of our Moms’ systems have been great, so my wife and I decided to install a Blink system at our house, too. I just bought our new 3-camera system and was preparing to install it, but after reading through the support threads, I realized that due to current limitations (no user controls for a given account, and no simultaneous logins / notifications / monitoring for multiple Blink accounts on a single device / phone), this is not going to work for us. We’d either have to get a third phone to monitor a third account (not happening), or we’d have to add our new system to one of our Mothers’ accounts, giving our siblings access to the cameras at our house (not happening).

Reluctantly, I’ve started shopping for another solution for our house, and will likely be returning this last set of Blink cameras to Amazon. :frowning_face:

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Hi @hgallison,

I’m sorry Blink isn’t able to meet your needs at this moment! I completely understand wanting to be able to limit access to your personal camera system and unfortunately, your only option would be to create a new account.

I can think of one other option, although it may or may not meet your needs.

You can link one (or more) of these blink accounts to IFTTT. Then you can create applets in IFTTT so that if motion is detected by one of your Blink cameras, you can receive an email, sms, etc. You would still have to manually login and logout of the different accounts in the blink app to view videos, arm/disarm a particular system, etc.

But this would allow you to receive some kind of notification for one of the accounts even when you’re not logged into it with the blink app.

Feedback + experience + feature request — TL;DR below

Some background on my reasons for getting these cameras and for the features I’m hoping to see … I need to catch a suspected mail thief. I was looking for small, discrete battery powered cameras with IR and motion sensing as the main issues I was facing were that the mailbox is 100’ away from my house so no wifi, nowhere to mount cameras in a way that will work well and no power. The camera features, size and battery fit my needs after I upgraded my network with some high-powered directional range extenders.

I purchased two XT cameras and have one sitting on a hidden platform in my yard giving a wide-angle view of the mailbox and street. The other is inside of my mailbox (speed tested @ 30/6 Mbit sustained connection from inside).

Overall, I think they work pretty well however I really think the hardware/firmware needs to be tweaked as they must either have very low-grade antennas or the wifi chip is doing some kind of power modulation with them. With my network, there is zero overlap in wifi channels and even with the camera and sync module close to any of the antennas I have, one minute the status is full-green/full-green and then next 1-red/4-green or 2-yellow/2-yellow, etc. It makes no sense and seems to be the cause for a lot of hiccups with updating settings, live-capture and upload/notification delay. I’d rather have to replace the batteries twice as often to maintain consistent connection.

I would really love the ability for one camera in a system to trigger all cameras in that system. I have the wide angle to get a recording of if the person was on foot or in a vehicle and the direction they came and went however I can not have the motion sensor enabled as it will go off every 20 seconds. If however, the motion sensor on the camera inside the mailbox goes off, it can only be caused by someone opening the mailbox in which case I absolutely want a wide-angle recording to go with it. Unfortunately this is impossible. Even if the camera notified me the exact second it was triggered and and I didn’t have to wait for the recording/notification delay, I still can’t immediately start a manual recording (probably the most widely requested feature) on the wide-angle.

Unfortunately, the way I had the camera mounted in the mailbox wasn’t perfect and the mail carrier yesterday inadvertently caused it to fall face-down when opening or closing the mailbox and I wasn’t able to deal with it right away. At 5:18am this morning I got a motion alarm and mail was taken but nothing visible on the recording because it was face-down. Not the the camera’s or Blink’s fault there, just an unfortunate coincidence. That being said, if one triggered the other, I’d still have the wide-angle recording of the person and/or vehicle.

I did call the support line to talk to tech-support about if this was possible and some other questions.
I work in tech so my bias aside of call-center locations and expected product knowledge of people answering, I think the staff there need more training. I’ll just say while they were nice and tried to be helpful, the call was unproductive and in the end, I was told I could initiate manual recording anytime from the live camera viewing.

TL;DR – Allow for one motion alarm in a system to trigger all cameras to immediately start recording. And I do mean immediately, not after the upload is complete.

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The chipset and WiFi radio chipset were designed to be super low power consumption which is why these cams can run so long on 2 AA lithium batteries.

The cams PIR sensor is triggered with motion as you know and the cam records, (instead of live streaming) then after it’s done recording it uses a short powerful WiFi burst to upload the clip to the cloud. Then sends you an alert.

Also you cannot manually record video in live view.

@Bob_at_Blink, @nick_at_blink

suggest to add a button for continuous live view mode. currently, when in live view mode, one has to press continue every 30 seconds to keep live video feed running


Hey nick & hgallison. I’m new to this forum and I actually haven’t received my blink system yet but I ordered it on prime day and should be here in a few weeks(sold out). I’ve been on here reading all the sugegstions praises and complaints and I second all those suggestion about being able to record while watching live. instead of having a continue button a record one would make the competition not even worth considering. HuThe option of being able to use the USB port on the module to record locally is also just as important/wanted.

Now if I may I might have a solution for hgallisons problem. If and only if you’re using android instead of ios then there’s a way to have two accounts using one device. Some Android devices allows for multiple users on one device. Each user has their own Google account and apps and theoretically you’d be able to download the blink app and set up 2 accounts on one Android device. I use this feature for clash of clans on my Samsung S8 using (secure folder) which is not quite a second user but works similarly in that you have two seperate app ecosystems. Score 1 Android.

I hope this works for you because it seems a shame to miss out on an otherwise apprently cool product over a seemingly simple missing feature :wink: cough NAS cough record live stream :wink:

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Thanks, marktheknife and Fastestflash, for the suggestions for work-arounds for the " no multiple accounts on one device" limitation. I have an Android phone (Samsung S6). After considering both the multiple Google accounts and the IFTTT ideas, I found another solution that is working very well for me.

It turns out that there is a large selection of apps in the Google Play store that are designed to facilitate the use of multiple social media accounts simultaneously on Android devices. I downloaded and installed one called Parallel Space, and added the Blink app to it. I can now log in to my Mom’s Blink account via my regular Blink app, and log into my Mother-in-Law’s Blink account via the Blink app inside the Parallel Space app. Once logged in to both accounts, I can close both Blink apps (and also Parallel Space if I want), and I receive notifications from both Blink accounts / systems in a timely fashion, and can view the clips from either camera system with a simple swipe and a tap. After a little experimentation with my phone settings to make sure that notifications from Parallel Space were not being blocked, this is working so well, I happily forked over $9.99 for the ad-free version of the app.

For the record, I have no affiliation with this product or the developer; I’m simply a satisfied customer. There are many other apps in the Google Play store that advertise the same multi-account capability, though I imagine they all work slightly differently. Hopefully this info will help others like me (at least those with Android devices) to find a good work-around until Blink offers multiple account capability, or at least user account controls, in the Blink app.


Hey @hgallison,

Thanks for sharing! I think that’s really useful information for many of our customers!

@nick_at_blink . . . does that mean if you want two (or more) Blink systems monitored on the same phone but with different logins that you would have to log out of one and then log into the other? If so, I’m guessing that you would only receive notifications from the one you’re logged into? Is there anything in the works to upgrade the software that will allow for this since it appears as many people are coming across this issue?

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You are guessing correctly, though if you read back through the last 10 or so posts in this thread, the answers to your questions should be pretty clear.

The feature I would really love to see pics the ability to turn on a second camera based on the trigger of the first camera. Practical application, package thefts at front door. Many times it would be nice to have a camera directed to the street to capture activity of of view, such as a car parked out on the street. We have had thefts but couldn’t see the car they left in after stealing item. You don’t want to record all activity on the street, just when an event occurs on a second camera.

But that can get tricky because Blink cameras record for only a set period of time, and then won’t start recording again til the retrigger time has elapsed.

So if motion is triggered on camera #1, which then triggers camera #2, it’s entirely possible that camera #2 records nothing of interest. But then when something actually does move into its field of view, camera #2 doesn’t record because it’s still timed out after finishing the last recording.

Sometimes it’ll work the way you’re envisioning I suppose, but other times it could make it less likely to capture suspicious activity.