Command Failed to Complete

Tried numerous times to add new replacement camera to replace bad camera. Bad camera has been deleted. Tried both manually inputting S/N and letting cell phone find camera. Module and wi-fi both oin working order.


I had the same problem recently. I had to sit right next to my router to add the new cam. Works fine now. Good luck!

I recently changed my wifi pw, so had to establish comms with sync module. That worked out fine. But, now cannot add camera. After going through several tries (rebooting router, deleting and re-addong sync mod several times , still end up with “command failed to complete” while app is “looking for camera”. The error message is in a pop up window with an “ok” prompt - the app itself is unreachable until the window is dismissed by clicking “ok”. However, after the error window appears and before dismissing it, the app displays, “camera added”. Now, the error pop up window is still presented at this time, so even though the app is indicating that the camera has been added, once the error pop up is dismissed, the app goes right back to add camera dialogue - with no camera having been added.

Did you make sure batteries are good in camera?

Did you ever get this resolved? I’m having the same problem and tech support is useless.