Combining XT2 and new Outdoor range

I already know that the new cameras - more specifically the sync module 2 - will charge for cloud storage but allow local storage, whereas XT2 offers free cloud storage and no local option.

So what happens if you want to add to an XT2 system in the future, and can only buy the new cameras? Will Blink Outdoors cameras work on the older Sync module or will you need to buy a Sync 2? In which case, can you plug XT2 into sync module 2… or will you end up with effectively a weird hybrid system where you get free cloud storage for older cameras, but not new ones? Forget any concerns over a paid subscription, this just sounds messy!

Can anyone tell me if this has been specifically answered somewhere? Google is just giving me product links on Amazon :slight_smile:

Yes, it has been discussed and answered this forum.

As I said I can’t find it can you help?

Doing research on google is the same process as doing research here in this community. You type things in and read LOTS of articles to find your answer.

There is also a Blink support website you can do research at.

The problem with what is free cloud and what is subscription, as well as what works w with original sync module and what works with the new sync module 2 has been talked about for around 6 months now…since the mini indoor camera was released. Blink added to the confusion and misinformation as they changed their message as well as put out wrong information.

That being said your quickest most accurate answer is again, check out the support website. They have updated info for new products and sadly, deleted info for old original legacy products.

I’ve BEEN searching and reading :slight_smile:

The best I can find is a FAQ on sync module 2 which seems to be saying it’s managed at camera level. You can link an XT2 to SM2 and that camera works the way it did before i.e. free uploads, no local storage.
But that seems quite odd since it must be a software thing so I’m seeking confirmation.

As Joel said this has been discussed many times in the past… with conflicting information both from web sites and Blink support.
Blink has given members here different answers to similar questions
As disappointing as it may be, the most accurate answer is we don’t know.

It’s a software and hardware and account thing. Those 3 things control what works with what for hardware packages and what doesn’t. April 15, 2020 is the magic date you need to remember for continuous free cloud storage or not.

The info is here within this community, it’s on the support website (dig deeper not just the FAQ) and it’s on Amazon. Keep reading.


The short answer is YES. You can have a Frankstein Blink system as of “today” with free cloud storage if your “account” was created before 4/15/20. This is always subject to change but as of today the answer is YES it is free and will work.

I have exactly the Frankenstein system you speak of with cameras covering 3 separate years of purchase and models.

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Sadly I don’t have a pre-existing system. I THINK that means I can still combine cameras - older models will give me free storage, newer ones will offer a subscription.

I’m half wondering about buying up a load of xt2s in case there is a market once they are discontinued :wink: