Cold affecting camera

Anyone having trouble with camera not recording in cold weather?

I’m on my 4th winter in Minnesota. I have 6 original XT first generation outdoor cameras. The work just fine to -25°F ya that’s 25 below zero. Battery will get weaker of course in extreme cold but the Energizer Ultimate Lithium are still damn good in the cold. Way better than Alkaline could ever hope to be.

So when you same camera not recording in cold weather you need to specify
what model camera
how cold is cold
how long has it been cold
how old are your batteries
how much recording do you do during the day
How old is camera - when did you put it into service
yada yada yada.

These are example questions the tech support person will ask you during a warranty exchange situation before they give you a RMA number.

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My town had a record low last night. At 6am it was -27º F. Four of my five XT2s still worked fine at that temp. One failed to connect until it got up to about -10⁰ F then started working again.

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