Cloud connection

So… my cameras work fine and I get all my notifications… but every now and then… I can’t access my cameras and the app message says unable to reach blink cloud… please try again later, but during this time I am still getting notifications… so I have to restart my phone and then it works again… but lately I have to do this about 6 times a day… any suggestions

On a temporary basis, install and run the Blink mobile app on a 2nd mobile device. You’ll soon know if it’s a Blink problem on their end, or if it’s a mobile device problem on your end. 6 times a day is more than likely a mobile device problem.

Clear out and delete temp files, cookies, cache, etc. from mobile device is a good practice to do anyway on mobile device as well as your home computers, laptops, tablets, phones, etc.

Backing up your phone, factory reset, then reinstall apps and saved files is also a good practice. You’ll be surprised how much better/faster it runs. Phones are just like home computers. Every know and then they need a good flushing to purge the you know what.