Clips showing up days later

Some clips are showing up a day or two after they have been taken. I’m receiving no notification about these clips either. If I go out and test, everything appears to work properly. Any idea why this might be happening with some clips but not others?

You didn’t say if you had early notification on or off.

It is off. Should it be on? I didn’t have this problem when I first set up the camera and I haven’t changed this setting. I’ve only had the camera set up a few weeks.

I’ve only seen strange clip behavior with early notification ON. Probably since it’s considered a Beta feature.

And I assume you are using cloud storage versus local storage.

Mobile app/phone syncing with cloud is not always current. Mine does it also but only on random occasion. I have sync module1 and the early generation 1 XT cameras. Old hardware has nothing to do with local storage and/or early notification issues as there is no local storage with sync module 1 setups.

Same thing happens on random occasion with google via gmail coming in slow or late.

Pay attention in the news about AWS, Google, and Microsoft cloud computing features going slow or temporarily offline. Blink is Amazon which is AWS - Amazon Web Services.

What camera type? When you see one, what icon shows for it in your clip roll?

It’s the blink outdoor with sync 2 module. I think I figured it out. It appears to be the photo clips that show up days later and do not send a notification. Once I turned that function off, the delayed video clips have stopped.

That’s correct. That’s why I asked first. Any reply relating to photo capture would only apply to the new outdoor and indoor.

The reason they are delayed, is that a photo capture clip is only created once every 24 hours, or any time the camera is disturbed, with a motion event, or a live view. Otherwise you get one after 24 snaps.

Because an event triggers the clip creation, the timing will change, but the thing to look out for is the camera icon in the clip roll, and not a video camera icon.

Thanks so much for the information. This is my first camera so still learning.

No problem. If you didn’t find it already, here is the support article for the feature in question.

Lots more information on other topics too.