Clips reemerging after deleting and receiving notifications

Ever since switching over to USB storage I will randomly receive video clip notifications of videos I deleted earlier in the day. The times are wrong and even camera names are wrong. For example I will receive a notification of a video and it’s me getting the newspaper hours earlier in the day (front porch camera). I’ve already deleted that clip that morning. Then after deleting it I may receive a notification on my driveway camera. I view it and it’s the video of me getting the newspaper from the other camera.

This is driving me crazy. It may recall 5 or more deleted videos in a series of notifications within an hour. It doesn’t always happen but when it does it snowballs.

I’ve seen where Blink has blamed this on Blink Server issues but this is not the case as I’m using USB storage. Anyone had this issue and resolved it?

It’s almost like zombies coming back from the dead.

There are at least 2 threads on local storage. Some items are reported in these. And I think someone was going to work with Blink to reproduce the problems. And that’s the last I heard.

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Yup, people are having this issue consistently.

Head over to this thread where the workaround is presented. Sucks that you have to find a work around but…free features and all I guess

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Sorry for asking but that is a long thread. Is the work around to eject and reconnect the usb through the app?

After discussing this with my wife I’ve discovered this only happens on my iphone. She sees the clips correctly and so does my Ipad at home. Last night I deleted the app and reinstalled it hoping this would help but this afternoon it happened again. It was a clip of me walking outside while I’m 3 miles away at work. My wife confirmed her clip shows her checking the mail at home. So I’m narrowing it down to it possibly being my phone off of the WiFi network?

Indeed it is. When you open the app on the home tab, click into the sync area and you’ll see an option for local storage. This is where it has a button ‘safe eject usb,’ if you hit that, and then just hit ‘connect USB,’ that should fix the issue.

Good times

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