Clips recording when deactivated

Hi guys!

XT-2 set up with two cameras. When I have the system deactivated the system still records activity, but does not send me a notification to my mobile. When the system is active, it does the exact same but with a notification. Is this normal or is there a setting somewhere I’ve missed?

Thanks in advance.

Just a thought. You’re not talking about live views being recorded are you? If you view live, and have one of your settings set to always record live view, you will get these clips added to your clip roll.

Real motion clip events show with a running man symbol next to them in the clip roll. Live view recordings show with a movie camera next to them.

@suttyblink - shows the running man. Although in saying that. When I view live view - with “Discard” ticked it sometimes still saves the clip! @nick_at_blink /@Ashli_at_Blink any ideas?

Yes, all my Live views are Ticked “Discard” too, but a clip is always left of some length … not always the length I watched either.

Go into your system settings, as if you were scheduling something, and make sure that “save all live views” is disabled.

@Austin_Cox I don’t see that option mate. I’m using the XT2 System if that makes any difference.

Here is how to get to that menu. This is also where scheduling is created. @kodiak

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@Austin_Cox … Arming/disarming only applies to motion captured clips. I just disarmed each camera as well as disarmed the system on the home page, but the live view is still recorded even when the Discard setting is Checked.

@kodiak, this isn’t for disarming/arming, this is for saving live views. If you follow the instructions above, there is a toggle switch in that menu for “save all live views”. if this is enabled, it will override the “discard live view” option.

@Austin_Cox … sorry. I didn’t click on your pic where it showed the rest of the settings. My Live View toggle there has been off this whole time, and all the camera’s Live Views are checked “Discard.”

Motion clips are still being recorded even when the system is deactivated - I just don’t receive any notification.

Also the live views are not always saved when “Discard” is selected, only sometimes.

interesting. This is abnormal behavior. I would contact C/S to see if they can give you any specific details. There’s actually some pretty precise information recorded on the cloud. They were able to tell me which device had been deleting all my clips, etc.

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I’ve just got a new camera and I’m seeing the same behaviour. Random clips are recorded with no notifications when the camera is disarmed. Save Live Views is also disabled although the clips are Live Views

I have the same annoying problem. It doesn’t always happen either so there must be some sequence which causes a bug. I have contacted support multiple times on this and they have suggested I log out/in again which of course doesn’t solve it.

I figured out if I let the live view progress to the “continue?” Message and then did nothing it would stop and save the recoding automatically.

I’ve raised as a bug but if others can confirm that would be useful