Clip Roll - Mark All as Viewed

Please consider adding a “Mark All as Viewed” to the Clip Roll. I find myself pretty much ignoring the blue dot (indicating a new clip).

Say one camera detects motion (a package being dropped off). If it gets two or three clips, I won’t view them all and I don’t necessarily want to delete them. Unless I view all of them, the blue dot stays. With 6 cameras, this gets kind of annoying.


Great idea! I’ll be sure to pass that onto our Blink app. designers for a potential future update.


I agree …we need a way to way to delete multiple clips at one time … maybe the checkbox style they have for deleting several emails …


Just want to echo the want for a “mark all as read” feature. I used to delete all old clips but recently starting saving. I’d love to be able Mari all as read now so that I could tell when any new notifications came in.

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+1 Yes, PLEASE. When my wife and kids arrive home, I often have a sequence of about 10 clips I know are all good. But the way things are now, in order to clear the “unviewed” flag I need to click thru 10 or more videos. Sometimes 1 or 2 do not get cleared because I click thru too fast and so then, back again and clear more :frowning:


I would also like to see a “mark all as viewed”.
I got a bit behind on viewing our clips and now there are over 400 unviewed. Nothing crazy has happened since I last viewed, so I’d be happy to “Mark all as viewed” so I can still see when a new one pops up.

Where is it located?

@Cathy_Gladden: Welcome to the forums! That feature is not available. My post was in error and it’s so old I can’t edit it. I was probably talking about marking all for deletion. My bad! Sorry for the confusion! I’ve flagged my post for deletion.

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Actually I did find a way! I stumbled on it when instead of just talking a clip I stayed on it for a little too long and the screen changed, a box appears on the top right corner that days select all with a trash can beside it. What a time saver! Seems like this should be on the Blink website.

Tapping not talking. Auto correct😠

@Cathy_Gladden: We’re talking about two different things. This thread is about marking all clips as viewed (without deletion) which can’t be done. You’re talking about deleting all clips at one time, which can be done - as you have found. Glad we got this figured out! LOL


Any updates on the ‘Mark all as Read’ feature? I’m excited there’s now an option to select multiple entries, but without the ‘Mark all as Read’ option it seems kind of useless.

Any planned deployments?

Hi @bryand,

Thanks for your question. At the moment I do not have any updates.

Can I bump this topic - much needed feature that will make use of the app much more robust. When I know the cameras have been triggered by the kids coming home from school I only need to check 1 clip, but would like to mark the other 6 ‘as read’. It would have the affect of the blue clip count on your home screen becoming a more effective alert… if the number clocks up when I’m not expecting it to it’ll raise my alertness as opposed to school home time when I just want to zero the clip count.


I’m now finally facing the realization that blink is not going to do any additional development. 4 years and only 1 feature I saw implemented that was from its user base. NOTHING - not even something as simple as this feature!!! Seriously, nothing could scream louder “I DON"T CARE ABOUT YOU USER BASE” than Blink’s complete apathy to its users feature requests.

I’m really really fed up with Blink.

Hello Blink Team??? Are you there? Where are you guys??? Years and years and NO ACTION on many many feature requests into your forums.

How unfortunate. I regret my purchase now.

+1 for this feature. I’m planning to throw my blink camera system in the trash in about a month if this feature isn’t implemented.

I’m hopeful there will be an update in conjunction with the xt2 that may address this. Not sure if any hardware testers can chime in if they were running beta software with the xt2 or not @ronsec

We were running beta software but the only difference I found was the ability to record in live view.

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One more request for this. It’s nuts that this hasn’t been implemented yet.

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I don’t understand why this ask has not been fulfilled yet. Amazon engineers need to fix this or explain why the request is too hard to resolve.

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