Clip playback failure

I have had my blink XT2 system for several months now and it is my personal experience that it is almost impossible to get clips to actually play so that I can review the footage. I’ve tried using different devices, networks, ect and the only variable that I’ve found works is…time of day. If I try and view saved clips before 4am PDT, I have a greater chance of the clip actually loading rather than receiving a time out/clip failed to play error. You would think that a company like Amazon would have servers that could handle the traffic. Smh

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Mine works perfectly. 24/7. Safe bet says the problem is on your end. Have you done any troubleshooting?

Btw, I know how to diagnose a simple camera system. As well, TS and I went over my issues and even they couldn’t give an acceptable explanation. considering they weren’t under any circumstances going to admit it was there servers.

If your cameras suck and won’t work, return them for a refund. They don’t work for everybody. If you are not in USA, tech support is limited in skill level many are reporting.

There’s hundreds of thousands of Blink cameras out there that are working. Both Blink and Ring have sold millions of them. You’d think they gotta,have a pretty good satisfaction rate.

Buyer beware. Don’t be fooled by supposed “customers” that constantly post and boast about the millions of satisfied customer experiences. Do you own research, read thru these forums and made a well educated decision. That alone should be enough for anyone to see that these products, sold as a “home security camera system”, are not secure themselves(tech support accessed clips without customer permission/cameras turn “themselves” on and off unpredictably) nor are they reliable(fails to record/clips fail to play back/unable to download or save clips). These are not isolated incidents but issue shared here by many unsatisfied customers.

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There is absolutely nothing in this post that violates the forum guidelines

Still a customer. Still satisfied.

You just can’t refrain from commenting, can you? Smh

You stated that prior. Thanks for your input. :roll_eyes:


That’s ok. I’m gonna choose not to feed the Trolls.

Why are you here? I have looked at all of your 37 posts and all but 3 were contentious and insulting to other users. Additionally many posts denigrate Blink cams. You are certainly entitled to your opinion but I would tone it down if you want to remain here. You won’t be the first to be banned and I suspect you’re already on thin ice. Have a good night.

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some of my recorded clips arent playing back either just started happening within the last month. Dec will be 2 years sice weve owned these


Yet another incident where I need to be able to view clips and can not get the majority of them to load or playback. Those clips that do load, freeze, loop the first few seconds or play with the image distorted beyond recognition. Tried using different devices and different access points with no improved functionality.

All of a sudden a few weeks ago I started having problems with none of my clips loading too. Then I noticed I was only having the problem at home, not when I was out of the house. So I experimented with turning off wifi on my phone and using my cell signal to view clips, and I had no problem viewing clips again. Nothing has changed on my end, no problems with my wifi, but I can no longer view clips via wifi on my phone or Kindle. Just checked again now and still says “Clip failed to load” when trying to view via wifi.

After multiple attempts using several different access points and devices I have came to the conclusion that it’s a server issue. Clips fail to load during peak usage hours. I have no problem viewing clips at 2am PDT from any of my devices.

I had the same problems


I have had the same problem . I have had the camera system for two years. Same wifi setup, only change was software to the camera. Never had an issue before with these cameras. Sounds like a change in the software is needed. I can view camera video footage to a certain point. Before that none of the clips will load.

It’s always happened for me and I’ve had blinks and before LaView for a few months now. Who the f keeps not only watching but deleting anything x rated. Wtf! Those are my damn videos. Happens every fricken time; I yelled at the camera once told them to put the footage back 5 seconds after when we were testing this theory and they actually did. Still it’s creepy as ■■■■! Does anyone know a good legit security camera available?? Or are just the hackers that good? But why delete everything I don’t get it??

Whether you’re a troll or not, it’s rather stupid (think revenge porn) to use wireless communications for your x rated porno videos. Go with a wired camera system. Especially if you are creating the videos indoors. If outdoors, go with a trail camera. Can’t wifi hack a wired camera and can’t hack a trail cam.