Clicking the notification doesntopen the video any more

not sure if this a bug on the app. But before when you click the notification on Android it opens the Video that was recorded. Not anymore. It lauches the live view.

Do you have early notifications turned on?

Blink Technical Support is nonexistent. I have contacted them,granted access, fell on deaf ears. I followed every instructions and troubleshooting step,camera, module will not connect. Modem is within 5ft of the module, I get intermittent connection. The outside camera won’t provide a live picture. The messages I get either show module connected or not connected. I read others had the same problem. As good as others say Blink is how can they be so difficult to setup?

So it is set-up, but not deployed in its final location, successfully? How did the set-up process go when you had everything in the same room as the router and how did the testing go at that point? The sync module being within 5 feet of your router is of little benefit if your camera is 100 feet away, and through three concrete walls.

Not saying this is the situation, but, if everything is working whilst close, then you need to work out what might be causing the issue in your planned, deployed, location. Metal sidings on the house, close electrical work, rebar in the concrete of your walls, etc, etc.

How does it perform, at moderate range, if you have clear line of sight between the router, sync module, and camera? Bear in mind the camera needs to be in range of the router too. You can’t use the sync module to provide a skipping stone effect, for greater range. This being the case, you may as well have your sync module with your router. There are few circumstances where there is a benefit to moving the sync module away from the router, though there are some. Not that you’re doing that, if you’re within 5 feet for the sync module, but just thought I’d mention it.

If you can get correct operation, at say 80 - 100 feet, with clear line of sight, no walls, etc, then you know none of your equipment is faulty. Not always easy to arrange a test like that, but, maybe there is a window, in one direction from your router, where you could walk, temporarily place the camera, and see how it functions. If it does, you’ve ruled out hardware, and can concentrate on the details of the location in which you wish to deploy it. Maybe you’ll need a WiFi range extender? How is the WiFi to say your phone, at the exact point in which you want to mount the camera?

My modem and module are within 5ft of each other but won’t connect. Both have been rebooted, both module lights are on. Blink hasn’t replied since yesterday. I gave them permission to access my system. No response. Where’s support? All reviews say easy setup! Im on my 2nd system that doesn’t setup, Blink does not know why. I followed instructions and troubleshooting, wifi is

Delete the app and start all over. Something is wrong or you are doing something wrong. BTW a modem is not a router. two entirely different functions. the module should connect to the router, not the modem. If you have an “all in in one” cable/modem router, try connecting it to another ethernet port. Maybe one of your ports are bad? As others have indicated this is an up and running set up in 5 minutes.

Disconnect everything, reset everything, make sure your phone is on wifi not celluar and start all over. Good luck!