Changing Notification Sounds for Iphone....Blink What is the Latest?

Has there been any change in the ability to change the alert notification? I know this may be beating a dead horse so to speak, but come on this is a security system no matter how good or bad it is… When I am asleep at night and somebody comes to my front door with plans to do harm to my family, a notification sound that actually is loud enough to wake me (like several of them in the text message app) on my iphone is extremely important… I need to buy new cameras for my condo, but if Blink can’t seem to fix this problem them I will probably move on to another company. I have 10 cameras at my residence and love how they work but I need to rely on them to notify me when its important. Blink what is the latest???


I’m not too familiar with Apple, but on andriod the notification sounds are done through the phone itself, and not the app. Meaning that it would be on Samsung to allow you to change the sounds.

Is this the same with Apple?

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Unfortunately no. There are apps that have custom notification sounds, or allow for the notification sound to be changed from the os default “tri-tone” sound. But that would seem to be a feature that an individual app developer chooses to add to their app (or not).

But even if the Blink app did enable custom alert sounds, that wouldn’t even completely solve the problem of middle of the night notifications, IMO. Unlike android, iOS does not allow for individual app notifications to bypass do not disturb. So even if I could change the Blink notification sound from the default to something more persistent/annoying to ensure it woke me up, I wouldn’t use it in the middle of the night anyway, because every other app that sends a notification would end up waking me up too.

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Ah, that’s cruel.



I also just purchased the /blink camera system with 5 camera’s. I am using an apple XR for the app. I am also having an issue with the short notification for the movement on the phone, one short “ding” really is not enough to get my attention. I do have another security system that detects break ins, but would be nice if the notification was loud enough so I could speak to the person and maybe prevent them from entering.
I am also considering returning the system if no plans are in the works for an update. Unfortunately a new owner really does not have any idea of this until after purchase.


iPhone notification is annoying it way too low and how Blink is going to protect if we are going to unnotice the notification due to its sound quality. RING has better notification

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Again, this seems to be an Apple issue, not a blink issue.

Same issue for me. Why they cannot add a different notification sound? It seems they do not care. I see so many complaints and everyone saying that all the other security systems have the ability to choose a sound. I understand that this might be an Apple issue but I am sure something can be done. Please find a solution. So many people are complaining. Do you have any update on that? Is there any application that allow us to change the notification like android?

I’m still confused as to how this is blink’s fault.


Blink are the app developer. They need to add choices to their app notifications. This is outrageous. They should at least let people know this before purchasing. I live alone and have 6 cameras indoors and out and bought them mostly for night when I’m asleep. Even thru new iPad speakers right next to my bed it does not wake me up. Nor on my iPhone next to my bed. I’m not even sure it makes a sound most of the time. I get visual notifications every morning that the neighbors cat had walked across my porch but not once has it woken me up. Would be nice if Blink would at least let us know if they are working on this issue or not. I live in a 55+ community and people are asking but I cannot recommend these to them because of this issue. Other than this, they work great but if I cannot hear the alarm they are useless to me.

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This is an Apple issue, not a blink issue.

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WRONG. Many apps have choices built right in to settings.

It’s most definitely an Apple issue. I have my camera notifications set to make a laser shooting noise.

Let me rephrase: it’s an Apple issue that blink could work around, spending a bunch of money and redesigning the application. But it’s still an Apple issue. iOS does nothing for customization of notifications, as evident by it’s lack of do not disturb bypassing.


^exactly. they are not the developer of the Blink app. And Blink does not have to ''redesign" the app. They merely have to update it to include volume/tones/etc in the settings of their own app. And IOS has plenty of options for notifications for apps relating to the hardware, such as banners etc.

I just purchased the blink xt2 and the notifications are not great at all. I think that it is something that blink needs to add into there app bc my door cameras and indoor cameras with ring doesn’t have that issue. I can change the tone within the app.

This is 100% a Blink issue. They know the rules of the Apple universe and one of the rules is that customization of alerts for 3rd party apps has to be programmed into the app itself, unlike 'droid. Opting not to give users that customization is entirely on Blink.

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It’s a Blink issue and not Apple issue.

Apple does not have a setting to choose notification sounds per app. It’s either allow sounds or do not allow sounds for notifications.

But other apps are able to play notifications and send their custom sound. For example Offer Up and eBay’s “cha ching” and eBays alert sound.

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One workaround is to use IFTT app to connect to Blink.
Then set a rule to “ Get a text when motion is detected by a specific Blink camera”. Then assign a contact for IFTT in your phone. Then assign it to your emergency contacts. Now you will get a text when Do not disturb is active at night. You can also assign a loud unique Sound to that contact. Con is you can only use it for one camera, but better than nothing.