Changing name for use in notifications of motion detected

I have changed the name of my blink mini camera from the long S/N to Camera 1 in both the blink app and my alexa app. When I get a notification on my Echo Show, it still states "motion detected from the long long S/N and not the name I changed it to. Any way to get it to use the name I chose and not the long S/N ?

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try a reboot of the echo show

A couple of YouTube videos out there showing Blink mini with echo show setup/review. Renaming cameras is part of the video

I have the same issue, but it’s on all of my Alexa devises. Echo, Dots, Echo Show.

Tried rebooting it twice a month ago … no effect … read your suggestion and tried it again … worked great this time! … lol, technology :rofl: :joy: :laughing: :sweat_smile: