Changes to notifications (Android)

I’ve got Android app 6.4.0 and as of yesterday, my notifications don’t say what time the alert happened which I’d like to get back, can’t see any option but can anyone advise?

I’m not welded to my phone so it was really useful for me to see when an alert happened and whether to look at the clip but I now have to look at the clip list which is less than ideal. All I get now is - motion detected at your xxxxxx.
It doesn’t hep that alerts go to live with no option to have alerts take you to clips.

Check for early notification in your app. Turn it off. Then see if you like how it works better.

Thanks, that will help one aspect as even the early notifications aren’t really early enough to jump to live.

Notifications with no time are not ideal though. In the mornings for example, if my neighbour is on an early shift, I can get a variable number of notifications as they leave, I know notifications at 6:50-6:55 are most likely him and dismiss them, now I need to look at the clip list to see when they happened.

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