Change ssid

Blink says to change my SSID, my ISP advice is not to change it.

… and?

What were the results of the routethis software network test I told you about and gave you a link to?

My ISP said do not change my SSID.

Route thus software results.

I think I just need to return the system.

Regarding routethis results, you need to complete step 3. Click the improve network health button and follow instructions.

What you have not told this group yet is what kind of router you have and what all is on your home network. Most problems with Blink connection/communication now seem to be the newer routers with multichannel auto switching to improve bandwidth, speed, etc. Blink doesn’t like those. It wants a dedicated 2.4Ghz only frequency and preferraby wifi channels 1, 6 or 11. You can log into your router to force this to happen.

Plan B is It doesn’t work for everyone. If you’re not happy with it, return it. Try a different brand. I would like to try the Wyze outdoor version 3. But my wallet is tight so the rubber band on it stays put.

Well if you return it we’ll miss your witty repartee! LOL On a more serious note why not change your ssid temporarily and see if that helps. Also, bear in mind that if you’re having so much trouble following tech support’s instruction you will probably have just as much trouble with a new system.

I agree, returning the system is best. ATT advised not to change the settings. The modem by ATT, BGW210-700.

At most companies support assumes you are to stupid to get it to work. So they just tell you not to change it. But they do provide instructions on how to change it - makes you wonder why.

Of course since most all IoT devices that use WiFi connect to 2.4 A forum might be just a few posts about connecting devices.

Thanks for the compliment and taking time out of your busy day. I knew someone would help.

You have multiple people giving you hints and ideas on how to get your Blink system up and running. However, remember that part I told you about self install, self tweaking, self testing or hire a pro to do it…this was your response.

If you are not able to google info on your router, find out how to log into it, change the settings, research and learn, you are out of luck and wont be happy with Blink. I spent 10 minutes looking up your modem/router combo and found LOTS of into from ATT on it. However, the people here and Blink tech support make a huge assumption that you can make the changes yourself as needed to get yourself up and running.

So far, you have presented yourself as rather helpless and I am now quite confident that customizing your ATT modem/router settings is over your head. Oh ya, Blink tech support did get back to you obviously, after the holiday weekend was done. However, Blink tech support does not offer documentation nor step by step help on how YOU need to change your modem/router to work with Blink’s hardware and mobile app. You have to do the research and adjust the settings for your ATT product. That’s not on Blink’s responsibility list. All they can give you is hints and ideas. You have to take it from there. Or hire a pro to do it for you.

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Why did I connect before with the module and it was found with the same router settings? Blink has yet to explain this. It doesn’t make sense.

What doesn’t make sense is why you refuse to try any of the suggestions offered to you by Blink support, Joel, myself and Horn. Do something - anything - and let us know what happens. Geez …

It does not make sense to change ssid when it worked before. Blink won’t say why. ATT says don’t change anything. In fact I had a tech out recently, everything is fine. I ran all tests I was told to run, no problems found. Maybe the module is bad. It happens from time to time. Even though they do random quality checks sometimes some get through. I did connect to my wifi with both systems. One module was further away from my modem than this one. It was located and connected. That’s what I don’t understand…Why one worked, one didn’t with the same settings. I’ve asked Blink why, they won’t say. Maybe they don’t know.

Ok Blink Gurus, explain why after trying to reset my mode as I was told to do, it knocked my cooling/heating thermostat off line. Now it won’t reconnect. I tried as I was told and those steps didn’t work. What’s your suggestions now? Thanks, Tom

You were NEVER able to describe technical details of changing settings in your ATT modem/router. You also never described technical details of doing the network performance increase steps after the routethis software completed it’s tests.

You do not have the technical ability to administer and customize your dual channel ATT modem/router. You were able to push a reset button and get it back to factory original settings. But now you are F-ed as the wifi thermostat for your house is now offline.

Blink also does not know why their hardware worked before and now it doesn’t. Could be failed Blink hardware. Could be the modem/router AUTOMATICALLY changed on it’s end for bandwidth performance or it changed manually by someone logging into it remotely or locally.

The game you played here of doing multiple posts bashing Blink is now worn out. I’m also willing to bet you are well past your 30 day window to get your money back on the Blink Hardware. As such, you’re in a creek without the paddle as the saying goes. If however you are in your 30 day return window for refund, exercise that option. Get your money back and move on.

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The current settings worked fine before. Changing settings messed up my wifi devices. ATT got everything working. Again they said they don’t suggest changing the settings. I bet it’s haunted! I’m going to get plenty of lube. I agree I think I’m f…ked😀 Thanks for trying to help. I appreciate your effort


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3rd module with a 3 different error message. This one isn’t finding the module. The previous 2 found the module. So does anyone have any new suggestions? Modem/module were reset.