Change internet remotely

Is there a way to change the internet the blink is using remotely. My has was remodeled and we have new internet service so my current blinks are offline.

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suttyblink is correct - follow his advice.

I do not believe there is. The Blink FAQ clearly states not. Makes sense, because when you use the change WiFi network routine, the process is almost exactly the same as connecting it to your WiFi in the first place. You use your phone to to connect to the sync module first, and use that connection to inform it, and the cameras, of your WiFi’s details. If you can connect the sync module to your phone, you cant, you’re not there, how can it pass on that info?

Also, you will note from the procedure detailed there, that you have to press the reset button, which completely resets the sync module, proving that you are almost starting from scratch. You also can’t do that when not there.

By the sound of it, the only chance you’ve got is if you’ve set-up that new router up for remote access. If you have, you could make administrative changes such that the SSID and password for the WiFi is exactly the same as it was for your old system. Note, they say it might work. I’ve done this a bunch of times, for a whole bunch of devices, and it has always worked flawlessly. Not sure why they say it might not work, but I get why they would say the best way is to start afresh.

Of course this is moot if you can’t get on the new router remotely.

Good luck.