Change Camera Order

Hard to tell what exactly you’re referring to. But in terms of reordering cameras in the app, this is possible now. See the last few posts above yours.

Yes!.. I am able to sort my four (outdoor) cameras on my Android phone.

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No problem reordering cameras on the Pixel 2

Been 2 years from the original post. For those of us who don’t have the beta, are we just screwed?

if you’re referring to the original post, this feature has been available for a long time now. Simply select the system you want to rearrange, and you can do so.

When you go to the app on your device, the top, middle section has the name of your blink system with a little arrow facing down. For example mine says “home” so you go to that arrow then choose All Devices (should be under Manage “whatever you named your camera system”) then it will list all your cameras and you can move the order on there with the three little lines on the right for each camera. On the bottom it even says “drag cameras to change order”

My Home doesn’t have the drop down when clicking on it nothing happens

  • tap setting gear at bottom of screen
  • under “system settings” tap the sync module you want to access
  • now tap “all devices”
  • press and hold “hamburger” icon on right to change camera order