How do I change TX2 from showing Fahrenheit to celsius?

Read the manual?

You need to put a little skin in the game.

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Use the search function on this website Type in Celsius.

Amazingly (not really lol) the owners manual website is missing this info.

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Honestly though, manual or not, it takes about 15 minutes tops, to browse around the entire app. To scan and fully absorb every single menu and sub menu in the entire thing.

It is possible, look around and you’ll find it, but from memory it is under settings, manage account, or was.

Still is

If the dozen at the top took the month of October off, the other 42 thousand around here would be helpless.


It is in “Manage account”
Would have expected to be in “Systems settings”

Yup you found it.

All you have to do is use the search function, type in Celsius, this is the results.

Read the results and bingo, the answer is within.

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Expectations and assumptions have led many Blink owners astray. It will all make sense after you play with the settings. Don’t worry you can’t physically break the hardware via playing with the software settings.