Ceiling mounted panoramic camera..Maybe?

In the absence of a panoramic camera, which you may or may not produce.
Is there the slightest possibility that you could make a panoramic lens to fit over the existing camera.
Effectively msaking two cameras out of one wit ha more expansive field of view.

I have large ceilings is in my property with a windows and doors at various projections. so with the ceilingse being so high, some of these vunerable zones could possibly be bypassed.

I have tried to mount the internal cameras so they are out of reach of a would be intruder.
Im guessing with the camera activated that any sound would be picked up and a provide an alert in the event of some one mamaging to avoid them.

Would be great to hear back


That could be cool. Or even better, new versions of the cameras with different lens options built-in. Not sure they’d do that anytime soon though.

Recording on Blink cams can only be triggered by motion. They have a speaker but no microphone, so sound triggers are not possible. Others have requested that feature before too, but again, it’d require new hardware. So hard to say when, if ever, we might see that.