Caught images that were not normal

Three times I have caught the hallway glowing and its like it goes from night to day. We do not have any lights that could do that anywhere near us as we live in the country. Not sure whats happening. Changed out camera with another and it did the same thing. Anyone else having this problem? Here’s a link to watch it:,ei,ip,id,itag,source,requiressl,susc,app,ic,eaua,mime,vprv,prv,dur,lmt&sig=AOq0QJ8wRQIgYy6exHkAluR6VebSWz0g7qs7u-K68SmPXfOlBckXD9gCIQCb6aQMVls251OcxG-aH9xTVn9MB1NGkFLDqXsG1hrlaw==&redirect_counter=1&cm2rm=sn-ab5e7l7s&req_id=716e1f57eb73a3ee&cms_redirect=yes&mh=Po&mm=34&mn=sn-vgqsknls&ms=ltu&mt=1617416667&mv=m&mvi=3&pl=36&lsparams=mh,mm,mn,ms,mv,mvi,pl,sc&lsig=AG3C_xAwRQIgKqKbqRbiFF2-avzcvWhEURCdvY1epIgPTchweWdoeqsCIQC9INV9D1xpu8ta4SwCqMItCXzF5nqxsKtmMVJxAAkFbw%3D%3D

Getting the following error to your link.

Access to was denied

You don’t have authorization to view this page.

Not sure how to download a video to computer yet, any ideas? From my cell to computer?

@ChangedDirection, to get a clip from your phone to computer, some ideas:

  1. Put it on your cloud drive (Google Drive)? Then open that same cloud drive on your computer with their app or web site.

  2. Email the clip to yourself

  3. Text the clip to your email address

  4. Copy the clip to sd card on your phone then put the sd card in your computer

  5. Connect your phone to computer via USB and copy it

  6. Send the clip from phone to computer via Bluetooth

  7. Use a Sync Module 2 with USB flash drive and copy it directly from the flash drive to your computer instead of using the Blink app.

  8. Run the Blink mobile app through an Android emulator on your computer and just download it directly. I use BlueStacks because it is very easy and again 100% free.

Google Drive or any other cloud storage is probably the easiest way. Everybody with a phone has access to free cloud storage that can also be opened on their computer. Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive, for instance, are free to everybody with an email address and can be easily accessed by both phone and computer.