Catching Amazon Delivery Guy - AGAIN 8/4/2017

Hay @nick_at_blink,

I got a good one.

Have you had any Amazon/USPS/UPS issues?
Well Blink has helped me solve 2 of them. I have always had a problem with deliveries being dammaged upon arrival to my house. Well, I had enough and placed one of my last ordered unused Blink interior cameras inder my front door auning. It is blocked from the elements and works just fine now for almost half a year.

To get to the point. As recently as last month, I had ordered some fragile electronics from Amazon. Guess what, the UPS delivery guy didn’t feel like walking the extra 5 feet to my door and toosed in the rest of the way to my door. The Great thing, is that the Blink camera captured this incident. I uploaded this 60 second clip to my Google Drive and contacted the Amazon support. When I described what had happened and provided the link to the video clip, I received an appology, a dcount on my Prime membership and now all their deliveries are place gingely at my front door. I have a recording of the delivery people now looking at the cammera every time; since they don’t want to get into trouble.


Hey @lmosenko,

Glad you caught the culprit! Can’t say I’ve ever had that experience with delivery, but I’m sure many others have. Do you still have the video? I’d love to see it!

I have the video @nick_at_blink. Take a look.

Jeeze! Great catch! Thanks for sharing your video!

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About six months ago, Amazon switched to the “Ontrac” delivery company. Since then, I have received about 8 deliveries from Ontrac who, instead of putting packages at my front door (which tracking results always show on line), always simply throw packages onto my driveway in full view of passing cars and pedestrians, or put them on the top of a wooden fence that lines one side of my driveway. Again in full view of passing cars and pedestrians. I live in a rural area where a segment of the population lives on stolen mail and package deliveries.

I called Amazon twice to complain about the damage now being done to Amazon’s reputation by this lazy and careless delivery company, and I emailed the local Ontrac warehouse, twice, to tell them what I was experiencing, and strongl suggested that they either re-train or fire their dimwit driver for this area. From both complaints to Amazon and Ontrac, I received the expected falsely humble apology and the usual BS.

So, one of my new XT cameras, when it arrives, will be aimed at the bottom of my driveway to catch images of this crap along with license plates of cars coming up the driveway. BTW, UPS and FedEx has completed secure deliveries to my house for 35 years with never a problem.

Good luck in the future Imosenko, and nice work in solving your delivery issues.

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Great work! I’ve heard of this happening more than it should! I think there may be some videos of this exact same thing happening with other people on Blinks YouTube channel.

Hi @Manxman,

Can you post your videos too when you catch the shmak delivery guy on this thead? Would be great to see and shame them!

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Cool. I completely forgot about that channel. But I think posting it on my channel and there is not needed as I already have it up and everyone outthere in the Internet world will see the stupid delivery guy Failing!


Probably, but I will have to consider this carefully. For 20 years I was a UPS daily pick up shipper, and even after selling my company and not needing daily pickups, the UPS drivers in my area know me and treat me well. I will definitely put anything negative that I catch from the “Ontrac” outfit up on YouTube,

Deliveries to my house have become extremely complicated since last December. In the extreme winter rains of 2016-17, the two-lane road in front of my mountain home collapsed, leaving only one lane (fortunately the lane next to my driveway). Now two-way traffic is managed my a stop light that regulates sharing the single lane. For a while, UPS and FedEx would stil come up my driveway to deliver t the front door. But now, the drivers park across the street and walk the packages up my steep 40% grade driveway to deliver at the door. I am willing to put up with delays and various occasional problems until the road is restored. But just throwing deliveries onto the driveway or putting them on a fence is not acceptable and I will do my best with Blink to embarrass them into better behavior.

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Hi @nick_at_blink,

I got another Amazon delivery guy on video. He walks up to my door and drops the box. I already contacted Amazon. This is getting rediculouse.

Also, take a look at the blured Blink Yard sign above my car. And I also have the sticket on the front door.

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Hey @lmosenko,

I am really shocked people can be so careless. He even walked all the way to the front door, just to drop it on the ground… Glad you got it on video, that’s totally ridiculous.

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The interesting thing is, the Blink camera is not hidden and the Blue LED is lit up. so he can’t miss it.

Looks like a “middle finger” reaction to the sign and camera to me.

After multiple complaints to Amazon and to the local delivery warehouse for “Ontrac” who delivers in my area for Amazon, today, for the first time in the last year I received an Amazon delivery by Ontrac that was actually placed on my front porch.

Obviously, Amazon now uses Ontrac instead of UPS because the shuping rates are cheaper for Amazon.

Jeff Bezos is becoming the new “King Midas” at his customer’s expense. Since placing my Blink camera to catch these people just throwing packages onto my driveway, they have stopped doing that. But not because of the camera.

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Wow, if this is how they treat them at the front door, imagine how bad the packages are treated in their warehouses/trucks/etc.


They kick them a lot of times. :smiling_imp:

Thanks for the share. Did you also send them the video clips? Can you post yours here?

I would do that, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I can’t. In another post, I described the failure of my original Sync Module. During this last delivery all cameras were disconnected from the Blink system. As of today I now have two working Sync Modules (for zones). All interior cameras are set up and working, and today will be spent activating all exterior cameras. Thanks for your interest.

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