Car stolen blink did not even trigger. Time to buy something else

Blink sucks. Did not even trigger car stolen last night. Garbage


Sorry about your vehicle hope insurance comes through quickly for you

Can you give us some information on how it was setup? Distance and angle is crucial to reliable detection with PIR sensors. Also what is the distance from the sync module/WiFi access point ?

Ths motion captures cars on street all the time. Ironically not where car is which is much closer. I will be replacing and not recommending to anyone. Vehicle stolen is the one in pic and was parked as such.

Well it sounds like your mind is made up so no point trouble shooting much further. You did not show your signal bars for Sync Module and WiFI on those screenshots though. WiFi gets increasingly unreliable the further away you get from your access point. Also be aware no matter what brand you choose for battery powered security cameras they all use PIR as main means of motion detection, so they will have those inherent limitations as well. Good luck with your future purchases.


Yeah hardwire is the way to go. I added another pic

Sorry about your issue. I hope your insurance cover is adequate and relatively painless to sort out.

I assume you simulated stealing your own car, prior to being satisfied with your current installation. If not, then this is one of the drawbacks of a user installed system, in that you have no one to come back at, other than yourself, when it fails in such a manner.

Somewhat moot now, but from your current installation details that you have presented, I see two potential issues.

First, though it’s hard to judge reliably, I would say that your camera is mounted further away from your car, than that which Blink recommend for reliable operation of their PIR sensor. I didn’t notice, if you showed it, what sensitivity you have set, but if that’s less than the default setting of 5, then that too would contribute. I think Blink say 20 feet, for reliable operation. Yes, I just checked in their specifications, and this is detailed. As I said, hard to judge, but that looks like more than 20 feet to me. Perhaps more like 40, but you will know for sure.

Second, it appears that you have a weak Wi-Fi to camera signal strength. Again, Blink specify that at least three bars are required for reliable operation, and yours shows two.

In both cases the key word is reliable. It may work, it may even work during a test, but if you’re not within 20 feet, and only have two bars for your signal strength, then it’s not surprising that a missed detection can occur, every once in a while, especially if someone is being particularly stealthy. Only you can know how often you could get into your car without a detection, if you accidentally left it enabled on exit or arrival.

For my front door set-up, it has never ever missed a detection in comfortably over 6 months. Pretty much every week day I get at least two, one for the paper delivery, and one for the mailman. Indeed, if I ever miss seeing a video of the mailman, then I know for sure that we have no mail for the day, but this is close, not 40 feet. Probably detected at 10-12, with an approach to less than 5.

I would hate to be in your shoes, and have to go through all the hassle of an insurance claim, and would love a video of the perpetrator doing his thing, but in fairness, either way, the car was going to be stolen, and you would be going through pretty much the same thing, bar having a video to show to the police. Unless you think you could have responded in time, and stopped him in his tracks. In fairness, not something I’d like to try, but you could be entirely different.

Like I say, somewhat moot, and not so helpful, but do bear in mind that whatever system you get, if it isn’t professionally installed, you should do your own extensive testing to make sure you get 100% reliable triggers, otherwise you may risk missing something else. I hope for your sake that there is nothing more, ever, to be recorded, or not.

Once again, sorry to hear about your situation.


My own experience shows me one HUGE major problem within the pics posted. The camera field of view is way too tall. It is capturing the leaves on the trees as well as multiple shadows. Those damn leaves are a pain in the arse thus causing the camera to give all kinds of false positive triggers. This is obvious as the activity zones was turned on to block out the top part of camera - the leaves. Shadows also cause false positive triggers.

Simply moving camera position down so leaves are less of a factor would have been step 1. Moving camera closer so it follows the optimum camera positioning as described during Blink’s how to mount a camera install routine on their website. Not much can be done about the shadows however.

As Sutty said, you the owner (and probably the installer) have to play test dummy and find out if your camera system is working reliably or not. Once of Blink’s biggest downfalls is they made it too easy to install. This is huge for sales of course as even a monkey could do it. However, when all you do is follow the brain dead easy install guide included with the camera system, all you get is yup it is up and running. It’s not optimized and it’s not reliable. Oh ya, it’s probably not real world tested either. But it’s up and running, whooohooo!

I’ve got to ask… Was the car left unlocked.
I think in all my years of Law Enforcement, almost all stolen vehicle calls I worked were left unlocked except for a handful of them.


No reply?

Are you serious the camera is only good for 20 feet?

That’s like 99% of PIR. It’s all the same technology.

Yes, you can get bigger, badder PIR sensors, but they’re alot more expensive.

Arlo :




The camera shows more than 20ft… The PIR sensor… Not always.

Yeah, I see that, thanks

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It is quite possible for these to be stolen easily. Mine was stolen with no footage. Batteries were fine and they always, always recorded footage when removed. Please see my replies to two people that this happened to in the same way and my loophole that I mention. I replied to both with the same answer.

I just got some XT2s so I’m reading up about how to make sure they’re reliable.

I realise the op is long gone, but surely the blink would have triggered in normal situations anyway (assuming they weren’t manually arming it once some distance from their property) and so the lack of notifications in day to day use of going to your own car would be a red flag?

Nope, OP is right here. Not sure what your question is though. It’s confusing.

The customer service was impeccable with Blink - which makes or breaks loyalty in my opinion.

The weakness is that of course, like any other wifi camera, if the wifi is shut off or if someone is able to remove the batteries fast enough then the cameras can easily be stolen.

I took the suggestion of another user here about setting up more than one and both of them facing each other. I went out in the middle of the night and secured one with zip ties and camouflaged it to boot.

Thank you Blink for your above and beyond service. That counts for A LOT in a world where corporations do not care one iota about losing one simple customer.

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Hi, as an example my mum walked past a camera on the way to her car, as she does almost daily, and it didn’t trigger an alert. I expect the cameras to trigger an alert for normal day to day activity if they’re set up properly and always armed.

So, if the OP was going to their car regularly surely it would have triggered?

Sure, it should trigger. I have my cameras set to a high sensitivity. It drains the battery but I bought several rechargeable batteries. Blink says you have to use Lithium but the rechargeable ones are just fine. With my high sensitivity settings, they last for weeks. When it gets low, I take them out and put in a freshly charged pair. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

It picks up everything. Even cats, birds, insects etc.