Car burglars caught on camera

Recently there were some burglars trying to get into all the cars in my neighborhood. I caught them on camera! :grin:

You can easily see the one in my driveway, but if you look across the street you can see his friend doing the same thing to the neighbors.


Can anyone tell what the guy said in the first video as he tried to open the car?

Good camera placement. Now you need to add more Flood Lights.

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Yeah I spent a lot of time with the placement, haha.

What’s surprising is the lights didn’t phase him at all; he walks right by them like nothing.

And embedded time & date stamps would be needed if you try to use as evidence if burglars were arrested.

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I recently moved to a new city and placed one of the cameras looking at the front door to see what is going on. These two crooks were checking car doors at 4:00am in the morning!

Wow! Thanks for sharing @levent; great clip!