Can't send video clips via Message or Email options

I’m unfamiliar with the limitations of iMessages, as far as file size/type.

Something you could do is to upload the videos to a private YouTube channel, and just sent the links. The videos can be set to only be accessible via that link.

I have gotten to the point of only being able to send videos in iMessage or text if it’s on the “best” video setting and the clip is 10 seconds or less. Anything more will never send. Such a joke.

Sounds like an issue with that application, not blink.

Def not iMessage issue. This is when I click share from the blink app. Email works. All the other things work. Can’t be iMessage limitation since I regularly send large videos. 45 seconds to a minute in time to people. Something is up somewhere. And I am not the only person in this thread with this issue. Others having to cut down their videos to 10 seconds or below Just to send?

I apologize, I assumed you where trying to send the video via attachment, not use the share option.

Here’s an easy way to test:

Download the video and try to attach it that way. If it sends, then the issue lies within the blink app. If it doesn’t, or it sets it from 1080p to SD (or worse), or prompts you to trim - it’s iMessage.

I don’t have an iPhone, but from my internet searches (thank God for Reddit), it appears that iOS with either drop the quality or just simply refuse to send it. I can’t find the exact specifications from Apple on size limitations.

Samsing to iPhone no issue. iPhone to anything else unable to send. Very odd since iMessage allows longer videos from iPhone to iPhone.

Unfortunately, I am experiencing the same issue. Here is data: Iphone SE, sends to other iphones without any problem. When sending to Samsung Galaxy from the Blink app, it is hit or miss. Some go through, most do not. The clips I am sending range from 4 seconds to 10 seconds. When I save the videos to the phone (Photos) and then go to iMessage, they still do not go through. They will email through though. If someone figured this out, or can direct me where to go for a solution, appreciated. Thank you.

I still can’t send them from the blink app through imessage…crazy…I used to be able to and now its just not going through and asks me to try text message instead…I can send 4k 60fps recorded video to other iphones but you are telling me I can’t send a 10 second little 3mbps 1080p clip to another iphone?

Has this problem been resolved? I’m still having issues.

I am also experiencing this issue as I attempted to send a 5s clip via MMS and it fails. I also saved it and tried to attach it to Messenger and it fails. I only finally had success in attaching it to an email. This is unacceptable…my Ring cam sends via MMS with no issues. Has this been resolved and I’m missing something?

I had same problem so now I copy to iMovies and send from there It has worked every time