Cant see any video

Hi I’ve just installed my two new cameras and the module, i believe my camera’s are working and the app on my phone seem’s fine but i can’t see any video, just a grey picture. Will it be my WIFI. that’s the problem? I have ordered a WIFI booster which plugs in to my router hoping this my help? Any help would be great. Thank you.

I (and others) suggest that you “bench test” the system before you install it outside. Setup the camera inside, check the settings, and walk around to confirm that the cameras are sensing motion. If all is good, install outside. Now, you know what was working, and what may not be working now.

That said, video is not continuous, so you need to press the “video camera” icon in the lower left to start the camera. If you’ve enabled motion, you’ll get a clip when it senses something. The camera icon sets up a static image of what the camera is seeing. If this is not new, I apologize. If it is, please read the excellent documentation and FAQ before going any further.

Note that 99% (IMO) of all Blink issues (aside of operator error) revolve around batteries and WiFi.

What do you mean by “WiFi booster?”

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Thank you for your response. I did do a bench test before installing camera’s outside and they worked fine i got live view, saved clips Ect. but no response since placing them outside. The lights on the camera’s come on but just Gray screen when trying to view. The WIFI booster plugs into wall socket and is connected to the Router it has two small antenna’s which is supposed to boost your WIFI signal. Thank you.

At this point, I’d guess weak WiFi signal. The repeater should help.

How far away from the router is the furthest camera?

True it’s all the time wifi and batteries…